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The RN & RM Gunnery and Missile Instructors Association West Country Branch

  Lady's Night  

Friday 6th April 2012 held at WO&SR's Mess HMS Drake

Here are the photie I took on the night the first 4 were from my camera which packed up and I had to resort to my phone so the quality has suffered somewhat and a lot were too out of focus to show, the phoned got shiters far to early. I apologise for not putting names under photies as yet I still have to put names to faces and I also missed quite a few people on the night for one reason or another.
My thanks to Terry Boyle for his tireless efforts to get this evening for us and to all the committee for there support in making it a great night, and as this was the first real function I have managed to attend, rest assured I will endeavour to be at all future functions.

Click on a photie to enlarge

Click on a photie to enlarge


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Semper Strenuissima

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