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Members present GIís Thurston, Baker, Nutt, Dobson, Bennett, Potts, Walker, Tidball, Beer, Nuttycombe, Luker, Pointon, Curnow, Morgan & Horswill


Apologies from GIís Jewell, McKie, Roberts, Lewis, Cook


The 318th Meeting was held in January 2017


The President opened the Meeting at 20:00 with the Loyal Toast to Gunners, Missilemen and AWWís



Crossing the bar:  Nil


Minute Proposals:

GI Walker stated there was an error in recording what was actually said with regard to Commissioned Officers membership rights


The 317th minutes were proposed by GI Bennett and Seconded by GI Tidball


Treasurerís Report: 

Apologies submitted, the financial report was available for the meeting. A full financial audit was conducted and signed off by GI Prout.


Apologies sent for missing the meeting due to social commitments

      Polo Shirts



      Cuff Links



      Lapel Badges




Secretaryís Report: 

Proposals book on the table for the AGM in July 2017. Now for the voting for the half yearly proposals


124   To accept and abide by the West Country Gunnery Instructors Association

         Proposer    GI  Jewell

         Seconder   GI Horswill


         For              16 + 2 postal votes

         Against        0

         Abstentions  0

Motion carried


125  GI Thurston to remain as Secretary

        Proposer   GI Lewis

        Seconder  GI Walker

        For              16 + 2 postal votes

        Against        0

        Abstentions  0

Motion carried


126    GI Lewis for Vice President

          Proposer   GI Roberts

          Seconder  GI Curnow


      For                16 + 2 Postal votes

      Against          0

      Abstentions   0

Motion carried

0781 321 4007


Social Secretaryís Report:

Iíve been trying to get in touch with the guy at the Masonic Lodge but his wife is seriously ill and I canít get hold of him so Iím in limbo at the moment for ladies night probably early April.

Hoping Shep will contact me shortly regarding dates and availability.

Iím looking at a comedy night at the Barbican theatre but the manager would like to know numbers before he can offer a discount.


Vice President:

Absent, in Gib but sent this:

      Thank you gentleman spoofers for the time as VP for West Country GIs. It has been a pleasure working

      with you all. And look forward to still being a member of the Association. Good luck for the future and I

      hope you vote in the Constitution. As it's a live document and can be amended with the committee

      approval and members vote process.

      See you all next month as I am on some well-earned RNR in Gibraltar for the weekend. See you all soon.        And I wish you a happy New Year.


   Yours Aye



   Duncan Jewell 



Presidents Report: 

Well gents not a lot from me, Iím passing around letters for you to read from Mo Morrisonís family concerning the money raised for him at the Gents evening, for those that donít know, he was involved in a hit and run with a car in Pompey and he is in a bad way, and his wife has just given birth.


Dear MTU, Gunners and wider Naval service

Thank you so much for the generous sum of money you all raised to help out with baby Mo. I used most of it to purchase the pram that hopefully Simon will be able to use one day as it is lightweight and easy to put up/down. The rest of the money is in a savings account for baby Mo. Fingers crossed that Simon will be able to help me decide how we use this. He would be completely overwhelmed by your generosity as am I. Although he is always so proud to be a part of the Royal Navy he would be extremely moved and take further pride how his family has been supported by the Naval service over this past 4 months. I know how much this would mean to him.

Thank you again for your unwavering support and thoughtfulness


Best wishes

Marianne and Baby Mo



The current POís course

Rattler good to see you home from the sea


      Sick Note:


Happy Birthdays:

GIs Pointon (4th), Simms (16th) Pilkington (18th) Happy Birthday to you all.


Presidents Charity:

We only have £25 to raise so that should happen tonight, then it goes into the Association.

Sorry I havenít kept you in the loop so to speak about giving you information on the charity, but what I can tell you it will be spent on equipment for the dogs. I will be making a little video so you can see where it all goes.


Association Website

I will be putting a few photos of the Gents evening, there isnít to many as I was having such a good time I forgot to whip my camera out til late on.


Emails Rxíd from around the Globe:



Raffle Prize donators:

GIs Beer X 3, Dobson, Luker, Bennett, Walker, Nutt BEM & Baker.


Next Raffle: 

GIs Prout, Nuttycombe, Nutt BEM & Morgan.


Raffle Winners:

GIs Curnow, Morgan, Nuttycombe, Dobson x 2, Beer, Walker, Anderson and Nutt (who re-donated his prize for the 319th Meeting).


Tonightís raffle raised £100



GI Walker last night I was dragged out to the Ashburton Gardening Club monthly meeting. She who must be obeyed indicated that I went and enjoyed myself once a month at our meeting it seemed only right that I accompany her to her meetings. I knew it was going to be boring and I must say I was surprised at how boring it was. Migrating invasive plant life across the planet for half an hour, the only light relief was looking at his comb over that went from just above his left ear over the top of his head to his right ear. After 15 minutes I was trying to open a vein with my nails. Oh I do like coming here.


GI Nutt Last Friday I went to Lt Cdr Kev Beats funeral at Bodmin crematorium, I knew him from Raleigh, he was only 63 years old, at 52 he developed early stage Alzheimerís. There was a good turnout. He tragically lost his twin brother who swopped draft to New Zealand Navy and was killed in a flying accident a while ago. To amuse themselves there little jape was to both dress as 2 ĹĎs and go on each otherís ships and swap places and see how long it took them to see who was who. 



GI Potts good to see a new course here tonight.  We are a proud branch and I hope you guys carry it on (round of applause).


GI Bennett well said Sam. Thatís the only intelligent thing youíve ever come out with.


GI Dobson apologies for February and March I will not be here, Iím in warmer climate spending the kids inheritance.

      The Meeting closed at 21:45

See you at the next Meeting.


Yours Aye     

Nick  & Ty


Semper Strenuissima

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