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Members present: GI’s Jewell, Luker, Dobson, McKie, Baker, Lewis, Tidball, Nutt, Roberts, Pointon, Curnow, Bennett, Potts & Walker.


Apologies from GI’s Thurston, Cook, Prout, Nuttycombe, Horswill, Beer & Holmes


The 317th Meeting was held on 8th December 2016


The President opened the Meeting at 20:00 with the Loyal Toast to Gunners, Missilemen and AWW’s



Crossing the bar  


Minute Proposals:


The 316th minutes were proposed by GI Nutt BEM and Seconded by GI Tidball.


Treasurer’s Report: 


Apologies sent for missing the meeting due to social commitments

      Polo Shirts



      Cuff Links



      Lapel Badges




Secretary’s Report: 

Unable to attend due to unplanned family incident, proposals book is on the table for the January 2017 meeting.

0781 321 4007


Social Secretary’s Report:

I’d like to thank everyone who attended the dinner to make it a successful night.  I have spoken to Roger the steward and he is in awe of the amount and different types of alcohol drunk during the evening. He was more than happy with us and would welcome us back any time, he was surprised at the amount of money that went into the charity and tips jars, he said the Masons are a charitable organisation but would come no were near the amount of money we raised. 


He told me that each member of staff got £18.50 in tips, and they deserved it because we had a great night.


The next question is, is would we be happy with having a Ladies night there, there would be no notice boards and things like that, they will be covered up, and also a more upmarket menu of choice. So would you be happy with that.

(A quick chat and yes we would be happy for them to host a Ladies night)


I will see what dates are available looking at possibly March time.


I emailed Shep Wooley about dates for next year and as yet he has nothing in his diary for 2017 but he is in Falmouth on March 17, 18 19, spoken to Paul and he would be happy for us to host Shep on the Thursday night,  what do you think?


Vice President:

Constitution is going well and will be out for January meeting.


From January my work package for the company I am working for is increasing so I am stepping down from the role as V.P. as from January 2017. I don’t want to stay in this position and not have the time to commit to it. According the new constitution I should give 2 months’ notice but as that is not out yet I don’t have to.


Presidents Report: 

At least I had the decency to give 6 months’ notice of standing down not like the V.P!


GI Prout has asked me to promote Jolly boys outing which will start at the Hyde Park in Mutley and from 1700 will start the move to the eventual destination at Kitty’s.


Proposals book is open we need a new V.P.


Message from Major Tenna Hill, He has presented a cheque of £1700 to CPO Morrison’s wife. She intends to get an all bells and whistles pram for their new arrival which in turn will help her visit Mo during his time in hospital.





      Sick Note:



Birthdays in December:

GIs Richardson 9th, Swane 29th, Curnow, Bladen (for the minutes my friend) 30th. Happy Birthday to you all.


Presidents Charity:

Last big drive to reach the total.

The Prez read out a letter received from the Chairman of AFC Plympton thanking the Association for its sponsorship of AFC Plympton U16’s


Firstly I would like to apologise for the amount of time it has taken for me to thank you for the overwhelming support the West Country Gunnery Instructors Association has given to the Plympton U16’s through their kind sponsorship of the team. The team consist of a great team of individuals who love playing football and come from all over Plymouth and Cornwall to play for us. As time goes on it becomes harder for me to source funding and sponsorship which takes up a lot of my time, when Steve contacted me about offering us £500 a great weight was lifted off my shoulders and enabled me to concentrate on other areas of the team for the coming season. The money was used to provide the boys with a full yellow and blue home kit which the boys were with pride and the Gunnery Instructors logo is prominently displayed. Could I say thank you to you and your members for allowing my players to look good every time they take to the field .


Kind Regards

Anthony Collins




Association Website



Portsmouth Website:

Portsmouth site is still down



Emails Rx’d from around the Globe:




I write to thank you for a great night at the GI’s dinner on Saturday. Please can you convey my personal thanks to all of your members and guests, all made me feel very welcome. Great food, good booze and cracking banter made the night despite the odd stoker dits from Cyd. I was especially pleased to see your VP lead by example and port fine himself more than anyone else.


It’s reassuring to know that the GIA is in a healthy state and that the sturdy undercurrent of support for the young gunners of today is unwavering.


On behalf of CPO MO Morrison I would like to thank your members and guests for their kind donations, money that will undoubtedly provide some solace to Mo’s family through these testing times


Once again, thank you. It was an honour and a privilege to be your guest at such a tremendous occasion




Tenna Hill


Raffle Prize donators:

GIs Goble (pencils and colouring books), Lewis, Holmes, Jewell, Walker, Tidball, Thurston, Nutt


Next Raffle: 

GIs Beer (D), Dobson, Luker, Bennett, Walker & Baker.


Raffle Winners:

GI’s Walker x 2, Tidball, Potts, Pointon, Goble, Lewis & Luker.


Tonight’s raffle raised £90



GI Luker  Just wondering how myself and Whisky qualify for the association as it allows in retired WO, CPO, PO, but Whisky and I both rose through the ranks to Officer?

GI Walker replied, we both qualified as Gunnery Instructors prior to our commission, you were a GI and I was a FC1.


GI Dobson  for those of you who remember CPO McKenzie, unfortunately the shell is there but the mind isn’t, he has Alzheimer’s. His son does my gas for me and he doesn’t recognise his son.


GI Jewell  thank you for having me as you V.P.


GI Beer  a great night at the gents evening, cracking venue, BZ to GI Bennett.


GI Lewis  thank you very much for your outstanding generosity for Novembers meeting.


GI Potts  can we put off voting for the constitution until 2018, we started in 1988 and it would make it a nice round 30 years to get one in place?


GI Walker  I have had the same question a couple of times, are we The RN and RM Gunnery Instructors West Country Branch or The West Country Gunnery Instructors Association. When we come to vote on the constitution in January we will be called West Country Gunnery Instructors Association.


GI Roberts  nothing from me except I’m thirsty and need a pint


        The Meeting closed at 21:05

 The 316th Meeting will be held on Thursday 10th November 2016.

See you at the next Meeting.


Yours Aye     

Nick  & Ty


Semper Strenuissima

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