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Members present: GIs –Thurston, Bennett, Pointon, Baker, Roberts, Curnow, Beer, Walker, Cook,

      Nuttycombe, Tidball, McKie, Luker, Dobson, Jewell & Nutt


Apologies from: GIs Potts, Lewis.


The 316th Meeting was held on 10th November 2016


The President opened the Meeting at 19:59 with the Loyal Toast to Gunners, Missilemen and AWW’s



Crossing the bar:  A two minute silence was observed to remember the fallen. “We Will Remember Them”


Minute Proposals:


The 315th minutes were proposed by GI Nuttycombe and Seconded by GI Luker


Treasurer’s Report: 


Good evening gentlemen my name is Sam Cook, I am the treasurer you thought you had lost but I do have a job and that unfortunately takes me away quite a few Thursdays. One a year ain’t bad. Financial report was then read out.


      Polo Shirts



      Cuff Links



      Lapel Badges




GI Walker: When will the requirement for an annual audit of our finances take place? It should have been done in August.


GI Cook: It will be done.


Secretary’s Report: 

Proposals book is on the table for the January 2017 meeting. As yet nothing in it.

0781 321 4007


Social Secretary’s Report:

I’m quite happy with the response for the Gents evening. I rang the guy who’s running it for us and I thought we may have to cancel ‘cause the guys wife who runs the catering is in hospital terminally ill with cancer, but all the bookings are being honoured. So our thoughts are with her. At the moment we have 34 definite with possibly 3 or 4 more. To clarify the ring it is smart civvy’s not dinner suit. If this venue is ok then we may look at holding a Ladies night there.


Vice President:



Presidents Report: 

I think this is the first time for a long time the whole of the committee have been here, which is amazing.

I would like to congratulate Sam Cook on his prize for being great at loafing. What was it Sam?

“It was ‘The Captains efficiency award for the summer term of 2016’ I got a nice framed certificate and a nice glass decanter but with nothing in it”.

At the end of next March my contract comes to an end and I will be leaving the RN I will do doing a lot of studying and at the end of July will invest all my energies into breaking into the cruise line industry, so at the next AGM I will be stepping down as President of this fine Association. So start thinking of my successor.



Sam Cook


       Sick Note:

       GI Luther


Happy Birthdays:

GIs Cook (19th) Happy birthday


Presidents Charity:

We have just £115 left to raise for the charity, I hope you’re able to dig deep for the RBL tonight and I know the next 2 months are tight one’s but it breaks down to raising £57.50 in December and January. Thank you sincerely for your efforts.


Association Website



Portsmouth Website:

Portsmouth site is still down



Emails Rx’d from around the Globe:

     GI Booth  Neil, Thanks for the invite mate, I'm sorry to say I won't be able to attend due to a prior

     engagement, hope  it's a successful, well attended do & hope to see you soon. 

    Your aye

    Tony / General

   GI Luther Thanks Neil sorry for the no show but I broke my hip and after much pain am on the mend look         forward to seeing all on the night will square up my monies check before or on the night.

Kind regards Tom Luther



Raffle Prize donators:

GIs Jewell, Luker, Roberts, Cook, Nutt BEM, Tidball, Bennett, Dobson & Pointon


Next Raffle: 

GIs Lewis (D), Holmes(D), Jewell, Walker, Beer, Thurston & Nutt



Raffle Winners:

GI’s Lewis, Beer, Pointon, Jewell, McKie, Walker, Bennett, Dobson, Thurston & Paul the Landlord


Tonight’s raffle raised £210 for the RBL



GI Bennett

At my reunion in Pompey last weekend the entertainment was Shep Wooley, I dragged him aside and he has agreed to put on a gig for us at the Levvy and the cost would be a hotel room for the night (£33 Premier inn) with a charity bucket going round. It would have to coincide with a paid gig down in the West Country.

Sam Cook. “Tell him to bring his clubs and I’ll get him a game at Whitsands”.


GI Nutt

Anybody been to the poppy factory on Richmond Hill? Well my grandfather worked there after being badly injured during the WW1 and when I was 9 years old he took me to the factory and I remember to this day upon walking through the door the first words I heard was “which one of you bleeders has got my arm” a reply came from a man with no legs and one arm “I’ve got it” He had climbed up to the roof of the factory and there was the leg was hanging from the ceiling. Their humour was black and it is still going to this day. Every time I went someone had stolen someone else’s working parts. So this time of year is quite poignant for me thinking of my granddad and there humour. To give your some idea they were paid £4.50 a week and had to produce 10,000 poppy’s. If you get a chance, go for a visit.


GI Walker

I went to a Type 21 reunion and I stuck my hand up to volunteer to try to make a platoon of 200 men for the next Remembrance parade at the Cenotaph.

She who must be obeyed said I need to sort my body out so I engaged the services of a back cracker after 4 sessions I felt great, he said don’t do any heavy work, I went home and shifted 6 tons of ballast by wheelbarrow and by the evening my shoulder was completely knackered.


        The Meeting closed at 20:44

 The 316th Meeting will be held on Thursday 10th November 2016.

See you at the next Meeting.


Yours Aye     

Nick  & Ty


Semper Strenuissima

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