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     Members present:  GI’s –Thurston, Bennett, Pointon,  Potts, Baker, Roberts,  Curnow,  Lewis,

      Prout, Nuttycombe, Tidball, McKie, Luker, Dobson, Jewell, Holmes & Nutt.                

Apologies from: GI’s Cook, Walker, Beer, Morgan & Horswill.

The 315th Meeting was held on 13th October 2016.

The President opened the Meeting at 19:57 with the Loyal Toast to Gunners, Missilemen and AWW’s


Crossing the bar  GI Danny Daniel RNGIA – 15 September 2016

Minute Proposals:

Generally speaking, the Minutes of the 314th meeting were well received and almost all agreed that it was a true & accurate representation of the Meeting. GI Lewis argued they were inaccurate as they had him down in the apologies when he was in attendance. The Pres reasoned that pitching up just as the meeting had come to an end didn’t constitute “attendance” and that the accuracy of the Minutes remains intact. GI Luker reported a typo in the Social Secretary’s report but was duly informed the revised spelling of “arranging” will now be “arraning” from this point on and he need not concern himself.

 The 314th minutes were proposed by GI Bennett and Seconded by GI Tidball

Treasurer’s Report: 

Apologies sent for missing the meeting due to work commitments.

The Associations financial report was read out to all in attendance (including GI Lewis who was present for the whole meeting).

      Polo Shirts



      Cuff Links



      Lapel Badges



Secretary’s Report: 

Proposals book is on the table for the January 2017 meeting. As yet nothing in it.

Social Secretary’s Report:

At the moment we have for the dinner 26 in number and still a few more maybe’s. On the table is the attendee’s and menu choice, give them back to me ASAP, Nick will e-mail every one,  send them back to him or me, the book for the dinner  will be closed at the next meeting. Initially it was £20 for members and £25 for non members looking at figures I would like to if possible reduce the price and the Association take a hit but that has got to be put to the floor. However £20 and £25 would just about cover the cost of the meal and the Port that we have to buy from them at cost.

A quick discussion took place and was decided to leave prices as they are.

Vice President:

Constitution is going well, I’ve had some input but I need more please guys. So have a read and give me your thoughts. I will try to hit next months meeting with a draft copy so we can all have a good read ready for January meeting.

Trying to get somethings sorted out, may have a sponsored day out at Exeter Chiefs and maybe a bit towards our charity.

Presidents Report: 

·         The GoH for the Men Only Night was announced to all present.


GI Nutt BEM who is now enjoying retirement and being a Grandad.

GI Holmes who was fined 1 Bottle of Port for being 1 minute adrift.

Great to see you again gentlemen.

       Sick Note:

       GI Walker has added an injured shoulder to his collection. We hope you recover soon.

Happy Birthdays:

GIs. McKie (3rd), Prout & Thurston (5th), Woolley (15th) & Morgan (25th) - Happy Birthday to you all.

Presidents Charity:

 I’ve spoken to Veterans with Dogs and I will endeavour to pop over to their base in Newton Abbott in the not too distant future. We are nearly at our target and for that, I thank everyone who has helped us get this far. Next month’s raffle will be a Brown Paper one in aid of the RBL and I hope to reach the target for the Veterans Charity by Jan 17.

Association Website

Portsmouth Website:

Portsmouth site is still down

Emails Rx’d from around the Globe:

Ease Springs       20:45

Stand to               20:55

Raffle Prize donators:

GIs Jewell (D), Bennett, Roberts, Potts, Perry, Curnow, Nutt, Lewis & Prout.Next Raffle: 

GIs Jewell, Lewis, Luker, Bennett, Dobson, Holmes & Pointon.Raffle Winners:

GI’s  Tidball, Baker, Bennett, Potts, Dobson, Thurston, Mickey Goble & Paul the Landlord

Tonight’s raffle raised £85


GI Pointon

As of next week I will be living over the dark side in Torpoint, because that’s where the misses lives.

      GI Roberts

      This is to the serving guys, is it true what I hear, the Dauntless is screwed and never going to sea again?

      GI Nuttycombe replied, she has been put alongside as a training ship.

      GI Jewell

We all know it is remembrance Sunday next month, for those that wish we will meet up at a pub on the Hoe and I think Dolphin afterwards.

      GI Baker

      As we know the meeting last time was over at Raleigh and the courses were impressed with what they 

      saw and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Most of them were Pompey rates so a few of them may well give

      Pompey GI’s a go, so some positives with new blood.

      The Meeting closed at 21:09

 The 316th Meeting will be held on Thursday 10th November 2016.

See you at the next Meeting.


Yours Aye     

Nick  & Ty


Semper Strenuissima

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