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Members present  GIís ĖThurston, Bennett, Pointon,  McKie, Dobson, Potts, Baker,               

Apologies from GIís Cook, Nuttycombe, Curnow, Luker, Jewell, Beer, Roberts, Walker, Archer

The 313th Meeting was held at the St Levan Inn Thursday 11th August 2016

The President opened the Meeting at 19:59 with the Loyal Toast to Gunners, Missilemen and AWWís


Crossing the bar  GI Brian Davies - 07 August 2016

Minute Proposals:

Any mistakes?

GI Walker: A couple of points from me.

The Social Sec in the list of Officials is now Wiggy. The meeting, is the 312th meeting, but it is primarily the AGM 2016.

The 2016 AGM minutes (312th) were proposed by GI McKie and Seconded by GI Potts.

Treasurerís Report: 

Apologies for missing the meeting.

      Polo Shirts



      Cuff Links



      Lapel Badges



Secretaryís Report: 

Proposals book is on the table for the January 2017 meeting.

Social Secretaryís Report:

Because of numbers coming back to me the booze cruise was working out something like £45 a head so thatís a no go.

I have been racking my brains thinking of different ways we can have some gatherings of like minded people.

Tomorrow I am meeting the club steward of the Mount Edgecombe Masonic Hall up on the Hoe looking at the members dinner. Hopefully I will get some menu choices and costs and it is looking likely that every Saturday in November is available.

Other things Iím looking into are a day at the races, Exeter and Newton Abbott. Iím also looking at securing a table for the boxing in Drake.

GI Prout, there is no boxing dinner any more, itís done over a weekend and people turn up to watch it during the day, there is no evening do.

Is there any objections for any functions we have of pushing it out to the TASIís and PRIís if we get them in we can get numbers up. Be it they will pay the full rate and members will get the usual discount by dipping into the coffers.

Vice President:

Apologies sent nothing to report

Presidents Report: 

Thanks for turning up to the meeting in the holiday silly season, only 8, but more than I thought would turn up

         The alignment of both Career Courses at Raleigh makes the next meeting in September a potential Raleigh meeting. This temporary migration was put to the Association with little or no kick-back but when it came to it, the meeting was embarrassingly under represented by The West Country Gunners. If anything, it felt like a demonstration of how a WCGIs meeting runs but without the WCGIs. Guys, Iíll put the feelers out about this but in short, if youíre not prepared to go over to Raleigh then I wonít push to have the odd meeting there. As I always say, you have a voice Ė use it.

         Iím investigating the procurement of WCGIs Cummerbunds & Ties. Getting Association ties coincides nicely with the Social Secs slightly relaxed rig for some of the Socials heís planning for.


GIs: Nil, all regulars

       Sick Note:

       GI Pilkington, Walker.

      Ease  springs      20:39

      Stand to               20:44

Happy Birthdays:

GIs Walker (18 July), Dobson (24 July) & Bennett (30 Aug). Happy Birthday.

Presidents Charity:

Email from Veterans with Dogs:

Dear Ty

Many thanks for your email and for your introduction. We are delighted that you have taken the time and made the effort to look at what we do for our Veterans.

It is very kind of you to offer your help, and yes, there are always tangible physical assets that we need to provide for the programme for training Assistance Dogs.

We provide as much support for our Veterans and their dogs as we possibly can, this includes giving each person a training kit that we see as a necessary way of ensuring that people use the correct equipment for the programme, and for the manner of training the we teach and promote.

I am more than happy to discuss this over the telephone if you would like me to give you a call and discuss further.

Many thanks and regards

Craig MacLellan

Guys, I know the Presidents Charity is my call but I think itís important to choose the right one which will inspire you to dig deep and reach the total as soon as possible so that further monies raised at our gatherings can help fund our organisation. Veterans with Dogs isnít local but itís one which supports people like us who need help. In light of that, I have decided to commit the Association to this very worthy cause for the year.

         Steve Lewis has spent his outstanding Charity money on Plympton AFCs Football Strip. The strip will have our crest on it with West Country Gunnery & Missile Instructors Association.

Association Website

Portsmouth Website: Ė

Portsmouth site is still down

Emails Rxíd from around the Globe:


GI Potts

Due to it being rearranged I managed to attend the BBQ, tremendous thank you Ty

GI Pointon popped into Whiskeys this afternoon on the way back from my holiday to see Whiskey with his half gallon of Scrumpy he had requested from Somerset. He can barely walk and is in a lot of pain. He showed me where he fell out of the tree and where he landed. He was about 30 foot up when he fell. He landed on a tree stump in his stream right next to a rather large rock, rather lucky he hit the stump not the rock. The air ambulance had to air lift him to Derriford hospital.

Was he sat on the wrong bit of branch as he sawed it?

Previous to this he was on his Quad bike in his fields, going up a steep hill it just tipped over backwards, later he tried the hill again this time going sideways and over he went.

Have a word with Rick Mayal about Quad bikes.

I also did ĎFun in the Fieldí again this year, once again brilliant, next year it will be held over the August bank holiday. Last year we raised for S.A.A.F.A. £1400, this year just over £2,000 and there is still a little trickling in.

GI McKie

If anybody interested on 23rd September Plymouth Cider and Beer festival at Brickfields, £10 to get in, you get a pint and tokens to spend, Iíll be there somewhere behind a bar.

Raffle Prize donators:

GIs Prout, Dobson, Taylor & Bennett.

Next Raffle: 

GIs Beer (D), Jewell (D), Prout, Pointon, Thurston & Baker. (Tonights meeting was low on numbers due to it being the holiday season but if youíre coming along to the 314th meeting, why not bring something for the raffle)

Raffle Winners:

GIís Potts, Thurston, Paul the Landlord, Brad Bradshaw

Tonightís raffle raised £70

The Meeting closed at 2112

See you at the next Meeting.


Yours Aye     

Nick  & Ty


Semper Strenuissima

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