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Members present  GIís ĖThurston, Tidball, Luker, Bennett, Pointon, Horswill, McKie, Jewell, Roberts, Dobson, Walker, Beer, Morgan A, Potts, Taylor, Lewis, Baker.

Apologies from GIís Cook, Nuttycombe, Curnow

The 312th Meeting was held at the St Levan Inn Thursday 14th July 2016

The President opened the Meeting at 19:59 with the Loyal Toast to Gunners, Missilemen and AWWís


Crossing the bar  A minute silence was held to reflect the crossing of GI Derek Scott RNGIA.

Minute Proposals The 311th Minutes were proposed by GI Dobson and Seconded by GI Bennett.

Treasurerís Report: 

Apologies for missing the meeting. Books are on the table for inspection.

      Polo Shirts



      Cuff Links



      Lapel Badges



Social Secretaryís Report:

Nothing from me and now bowing out from Social Secretary job.

Vice President:

Right gents we were going to have a vote tonight on accepting the constitution however I only started getting feed back 2/3 days ago and so Iíve not been able to get it sorted for tonight, so as V.P. I am going to push the vote back until January. That gives us plenty of time for you to read it, give me your feed back so I can get it sorted  and push out for you to read a final draft.

I was up in Pompey last weekend and Larry Lloyd is now President of RNGIA. They have voted in Leading Hands and they can be part of the Association but cannot vote or sit in a position of President or VP.

Presidents Report: 

Shortly we will move onto the reason for us being here, I will remind every one only paid up members have a vote.

There will be an August meeting.

Secretaryís Report: 

I have received a letter from Give a child a chance which was our last charity.

Dear Neil,

Thank you for the magnificent £507.00 that you raised for Give a Child a Chance.

As you know the money is spent locally for children and their families who use the Child and Mental Health Services.

This money will go towards BUD club to help pay for a Sensory Room which some of your members have visited.

Please thank everyone who helped to raise the money.

Yours Sincerely

Nicky Evans

(Chairperson. Give a Child a Chance)

Proposals book on the table for our next round of voting in January 2017.

Now for the purpose of this meeting

There is only one proposal we are voting on tonight and that is

Proposal 123   G I Bennett to take over as Social Secretary

Proposer GI Walker

Seconder  GI Beer

Yes                             16

E-Mail vote in favour    2

No                                0

Abstention                    0

Motion carried. Congratulations Wiggy.

Thank you gentlemen Iím looking forward to getting stuck in, I have a few ideas but the one thing I will stress is if we donít have the support for social events it ainít going to work. September Iím looking at a booze cruise. After that is the members dinner and Iím looking at the Masonic Lodge on the Hoe. Reason being it is central for all. Iím looking at Jacket and tie for this one and letís see how it goes. 


All for the AGM and especially G I Rennie and Morgan, long time no see

Presidents Charity:

I am looking at generally any PTSD charity that is local so if you have any ideas, please get hold of me

Association Website

Portsmouth Website: Ė

Portsmouth site is still down

Emails Rxíd from around the Globe:

Raffle Prize donators:

GIs Lewis, Morgan A, Walker, Bennett, Pointon, Curnow, Roberts, Baker, Tidball, Dobson

Next Raffle: 

GIs Prout, Beer, Dobson, Taylor & Jewell.

Raffle Winners:

GIs  Rennie, Morgan, Jewell, Lewis, Prout, Pointon, Taylor, Potts x 2, Roberts, Baker  

Tonightís raffle raised £110 which is the first donation to the Presidents Charity.

      The Meeting closed at 20.43

See you at the next Meeting.


Yours Aye     

Nick  & Ty


Semper Strenuissima

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