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Members present  GI’s –Thurston, Tidball, Luker, Bennett, Pointon, Horswill,  McKie, Curnow, Jewell, Roberts, Dobson, 

Apologies from GI’s Cook, Nuttycombe, Lewis, Baker, Morgan A, Potts, Prout, Walker, Beer

The 311th Meeting was held at the St Levan Inn Thursday 9th June 2016

The Vice President opened the Meeting at 20:00 with the Loyal Toast to Gunners, Missilemen and AWW’s


Crossing the bar  

Minute Proposals: The 310th  Minutes were proposed by GI Luker and Seconded by GI Bennett

Treasurer’s Report: 

Apologies for missing the meeting

      Polo Shirts



      Cuff Links



      Lapel Badges



Secretary’s Report:  

Proposals book is open for the AGM.

There are two proposals in the book 

The first one is for G I Bennett to take over as Social Secretary

The second is to accept the WCGI Constitution

Social Secretary’s Report:

Nothing from me

Vice President:

Still looking at getting a new design and new material for our Gunners shirts but it is slow going.

Presidents Report: 

As read by the V.P.

Apologies for my absence, I’ve been given a fast ball to go to Scotland to teach Baton to 45 Cdo.

On 24th May GI’s Pointon, Potts, Roberts, Walker & Baker attended the funeral of GI Mike Smith. The Journey was well executed even though Whiskey was late and Points needed to clean his seat belts, we got there in good time. St Barbara saw the man right by giving us a lovely sunny day for his send off and as you would expect his funeral was well attended by friends, family & GI’s from far and wide. For the procession, his Guard conducted their drill impressively, the young sailors carried his coffin without a hitch and WO1 “Big Nige” Smith had taken the role of Standard Bearer for the Service. On completion of the service Mike was escorted by his family & close friends to the crematorium whilst we were hosted at the clubhouse. During the wait for his family to return it gave us an opportunity to catch up with old oppo’s and shipmates and celebrate the life of an exceptionally popular guy whose reputation extends out to everyone who has ever had the pleasure to know, work or serve with him.

When Mikes family did arrive we all got a chance to speak with them at different times, GI Roberts presented his daughter with a picture from when they both served together and we donated £50 from the Association in lieu of flowers for Mikes chosen charity Cancer Research – Relay for life.

Mikes family were touched that we’d come up from the West Country, I did mention there would have been more of us but circumstances always gets in the way of these things, GI’s Bennett and Archer, you guys spring to mind straight away and your condolences  were passed on.

Eventually the time came to say our goodbyes and get ready for the drive back down to Guzz (I was late this time). The return leg was also clear of heavy traffic which helped our driver no end.

It must be said for the minutes thank you GI Pointon for your driving services that day, it was appreciated by all of us who came.

MTU BBQ Friday 1st July. The information should be out on Facebook page by now and I’ll make sure the Secretary  has the information to e-mail out. In a nutshell BBQ 1600 with food going on at 1700. £5 a head children under 13 are free. Access via the back gate directly into MTU compound

Nothing further from me I’ll see you at the AGM.


       Sick Note:

       GI Pilkington,  

Happy Birthdays: in April

GIs Nuttycombe (3rd), Potts 18th), Cook (22nd), MacCallum (23rd), Happy birthday to you all

Presidents Charity:

Association Website

Portsmouth Website:

Portsmouth site is still down

 Emails Rx’d from around the Globe:

Phil Morris  Good morning Ty

Just a quick dittie to say thank you very much indeed to you and your fellow Gunners for the warm welcome to your West Country Gunners meeting.  I don’t get much opportunity up here in Shropshire to mix with many hairy arsed Matelot’s so it was a delight last Thursday to shoot the breeze once again.

In particular can you please pass on my thanks to Sam Potts, Robby Roberts, and Points Pointon for such good company, and tell Danny Beer that I nearly put my hand up to volunteer to look after that field gun of his, it was superb.

I also had a chance to read Leroy Prout’s Ethos paper, it was a cracker. It is good and heart warming to see something that perhaps we all practice and believe in articulated so well. I certainly never had such exposure to this sort of thing as a sprog back in the early 70’s, more strength to your bow Leroy, keep up the magnificent work.

I got pinged in a corner by Robbie where he was able to spin some superb dits, he must have seen me as fresh meat and a good chance to roll out some of his old favourites. He was keen to point out that he had 36 years of service and mid dit he paused, drew breath and asked me if I had any military background, when I pointed out that I had served in the Andrew for 37 years I think I detected a bit of quiver of the lower lip and a look that had Black Catting Bastard written all over it

Seriously Ty, you and your Gunners keep up the good work. I’m coming down to God’s country again in the Autumn to visit Whiskey again on his Ashburton estate. For ‘visit’ read ‘turn to’

Cheers from a Blue Belly

Phil Morris

P.S. I took home some warren pasties and when sharing one with my 4 year old granddaughter she asked if I could take her to Oggie land…. Where they can’t tell sugar from tissue paper, tissue paper, marmalade and jam. 

Raffle Prize donators:

GIs Horswill, Jewell, Roberts, Tidball, Dobson

Next Raffle: 

GIs Morgan A (D), Walker(D), Bennett, Pointon, Luker, Curnow, Roberts, Baker

Raffle Winners:

G I’s  McKie, Curnow, Luker, Gary 

     Tonight’s raffle raised £ 70


      GI Bennett

       Its not official ‘cus I’ve not been voted in but could I have a show of hands for who would been interested    

       in a booze cruise in August. Right I’ll make a few phone calls and get some prices

      GI Pointon

      I’ll not be at the BBQ as I will be at Fun in the Field.

     Another point, talking to a Mason friend of mine, Crownhill Masonic lodge can do a 3 course sit down meal

     for around £15 to £20. Gents evening?

     The Meeting closed at 20.41

See you at the next Meeting.


Yours Aye     

Nick  & Ty


Semper Strenuissima

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