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Members present  GI’s –Thurston, Baker, Tidball, Luker, Bennett, Potts, Walker, Pointon, Horswill,  Beer, McKie, Curnow, Jewell, Prout, Roberts, Dobson,  LS (AWW) QC Edwards, Hamilton, Evans, Hobbs, Smith             

Apologies from GI’s Morgan (Bulwark), Cook, Nuttycombe, Lewis.

The 310th Meeting was held on Thursday 12 May 2016

 The President opened the Meeting at 20:13 with the Loyal Toast to Gunners, Missilemen and AWW’s


Crossing the bar  GI Mike Smith 01 May 2016

Minute Proposals: The 309th Minutes were proposed by GI Beer and Seconded by GI Curnow

Treasurer’s Report: 

Apologies for missing the meeting which is due to work commitments. For those haven’t, pay your Subs please gents


      Polo Shirts



      Cuff Links



      Lapel Badges




Secretary’s Report:  

Proposals book is open for the AGM. Two positions to be nominated, either to keep the present President and Secretary or to vote in two new ones. Over to you fella’s.

0781 321 4007

Social Secretary’s Report:

The proforma for the Ladies Night went out a couple of weeks ago and as yet I have only had one reply and there is about 6 people here wishing to go so that makes us about 28 people short. I have until 15th May to go ahead or cancel. So I suggest we move it right because of lack of interest.

Vice President:

As we discussed a couple of meetings ago we are looking at getting a new top.  I will be bringing in an iPad and show you the tops that are on offer. Welcome to the Killicks on course.  


Presidents Report: 


·         The sad loss of GI Mike Smith came about with a sudden and aggressive Cancer, his loss has shook the RNGIA no end. He’s not exactly a stranger to our Association either and nor to Guz. So far, I know of 4 members who will attend his funeral on Tuesday 24 May which are GIs Bennett, Walker, Potts and myself. If there are others who wish to say their farewells then I need to know now so that I can pass on the details to GI Barker. Travel expenses will be covered by the Association.

1.    GI Bennett can no longer attend, GIs Pointon & Roberts have also expressed their desire to attend.


·         On the social side, there is a WAGS BBQ planned in for Friday 01 July 2016 at the MTU which the Association has been invited to. We haven’t had a GIs BBQ since 2013 due to various reasons whatever they may be but I’ll send out the details as soon as they’re firm and you, your wives, girlfriends, partners and friends are all invited should you wish to come along.


·         I think a meeting without mentioning the Gib trip is a lost opportunity but for those that went and met Bagsy Baker, it is my sad duty to inform you that he passed away recently. GI Walker, can you elaborate?


·         Guys, we’re losing our Social Sec and if I was a betting man, I’d say we’re in for another extended period of a gap in the committee. When I first took on the mantle of President I said that the longevity of the Association was the first & foremost concern for me. To that end, I am happy to stand down as President & become the Social Sec – whatever’s best for the Association. But I’m not prepared to do both roles nor will I leave a gap in the current committee in order to fill the Social Secretary position.

2.    GI Bennett:Before you go down that route, have you actually asked anyone to do it?”

President: “No, but there’s nothing in the proposals book since our current Social Sec announced his intentions”.

GI Bennett: “Well pass me the bloody book then!”


Welcome To:

GI’s The current LS(AWW)s course  Edwards, Hamilton, Evans, Hobbs, Smith

       Sick Note:

       GI Pilkington,  

Happy Birthdays: in April

GIs GIs Lowther (7th), Roberts (12th), Jewell (18th), Beer (22nd). Happy Birthday to you all.


Presidents Charity:

At the time of the meeting, the President had no idea whether the money for GACAC had been sent. On completion of the meeting he had confirmation that the money has been successfully received by the Charity.


Association Website


Portsmouth Website:

Portsmouth site is still down


Emails Rx’d from around the Globe:

Gary Tonkin: The please pass my best to all at the meeting and inform them that like many I will be thinking of Mikes family and friends , will not be able to make the funeral due to work commitments abroad but will be there in mind .


Raffle Prize donators:

GIs Beer, Curnow, Baker, Prout, Thurston,


Next Raffle: 

GIs Morgan (Bulwark)(D), Horswill, Jewell, Walker, Dobson, Roberts

Ease Springs     20:54

Stand To            21:05

Raffle Winners:

GI’s  Thurston, Edwards, Dobson, McKie, Tidball, Luker


     Tonight’s raffle raised £ 115



      GI Jewell  Plymouth University are doing are post graduate course in Maritime security, at the end

      of the course you will receive a post graduate / MA in  maritime security. If you do it through the

      Navy they will pay for it. So something for those still serving to think about.

      Have a good read of the Constitution and get back to me any points or queries you have, things that

      you do not think is right, what you would like to change.


      GI Roberts  Good to see all you guys and girls here this evening, hopefully in 30 to 40 years time you will

      be sat here whilst we are all 6 foot under, except for me I’ll still be here. I had 36 years of it and it was the

      best time of my life, so enjoy it.


     GI Beer  I had the pleasure of serving with Bagsy, and what a character he was, he could hear the bell

     being rung in the POs Mess from anywhere on the ship, hence his nickname, free loading bastard.

     On the table you have the repaired centre piece, completely restored, and sat on a nice little plinth. Do you 

     want me to keep it until it is needed to be brought out as a centre piece or is someone willing to take

     responsibility for it. If no one is willing I am quite happy to look after it.


    GI Prout   The paper I was writing, about the ethos and values of a Gunner has now hit the streets. It has

    been sent to all Chiefs in the fleet to disseminate down. Apparently there are many green eyed monsters

    around from other branches wishing they had ethos and values to draw upon

The Meeting closed at 21.20

Meeting 311th will be held on Thursday 9th June 2016 

See you at the next Meeting.




Yours Aye


Nick  & Ty


Semper Strenuissima

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