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Members present  GI’s –Thurston, Baker, Tidball, Roberts, Jewell, Prout, Luker, Bennett, Potts, Walker, Lewis, Pointon, Horswill & Archer


Apologies from GI’s Dobson, Luther, McKie, Cook, Perry, Holmes, Beer, Nuttycombe, Curnow


The 308th Meeting was held in March 2016


The President opened the Meeting at 20:05 with the Loyal Toast to Gunners, Missilemen and AWW’s



Crossing the bar Nil


Minute Proposals: The 307th Minutes were proposed by GI Jewell  and Seconded by GI Tidball.


Treasurer’s Report: 

Absent, at Lulworth.


      Polo Shirts



      Cuff Links



      Lapel Badges





Secretary’s Report:  

Proposals book is open for the AGM. Two positions to be nominated, either to keep the present President and Secretary or to vote in two new ones. Over to you fella’s.


Social Secretary’s Report:

Sorry for my absence for a couple of months but a new baby got in the way. I have been in touch with the New Continental Hotel about our Ladies night and they can accommodate us on the weekend of XXXXXXXX. They are going to e-mail me with prices for around 60 people at about £30 to £40 a head.

GI Walker- “My lad is back in Stonehouse, do you want me to see if they can fit us in”?

Social Sec- “If you can please that would be great. That’s it from me”.


Vice President:

Constitution is going well, changing just a few little bits and pieces, it will be ready for next months meeting for people to have a look. It will be ready for the AGM so that gives you a couple of months to have a read and a think about it and give me some feedback.  


Presidents Report: 

The last meeting held in XXXXXXX was a great night, I think everyone enjoyed themselves and in my opinion, we gave a fantastic insight into what our Association is about. Whether or not it was successful remains to be seen. I know the majority of the POs Course are Pompey Natives so I hope our migration over the Tamar River may have helped the RNGIA with potential new members for them and our new Killicks will join us.



GI Archer


      Sick Note:

      GI Pilkington


Happy Birthdays: in January

GIs Nutt (65 on the 1st), Lester (8th), Evans (12th) & Luker (75 on the 19th). Happy Birthday.



Presidents Charity:

Give a Child a Chance help Plymouth children and adolescents with emotional, behavioural and mental health difficulties.

The Sensory Room has been identified and there is a further meeting planned in for the 31st March at 1830, if anyone would like to come along with me, Jimmy & Jan Curnow, please give me a shout. It is situated in Hamoaze House.


Association Website


Portsmouth Website: – Portsmouth site is still down.


Emails Rx’d from around the Globe:


Raffle Prize donators:

GIs Cook(D), (D), Walker (D), Jewell, Tidball, Prout, Roberts, Lewis, Bennett & Thurston.


Next Raffle: 

GIs Morgan (D), Morgan (Bulwark), Baker, Luker, Pointon & Bennett.


Raffle Winners:

GI’s Thurston, Walker, Archer, Pointon, Roberts, Tidball x 2, Baker, Luker, Potts, Tomm, Goodman & Mickey Goble (obviously).


      Tonight’s raffle raised £110 for the TAS‘s charity Brain tumour research.



      GI Potts GI stickers for a car. I’ve just bought a new satnav with an Audi wrapped around it and I

      need a new sticker for it, tried to get the old one off but it fell to pieces.


     GI Bennett I was talking to an ex chippy who is complaining a lot because he’s just done a speed

     awareness course. He’s 91 and drives to Pompey twice a month.


     GI Pointon Just to remind you all about “fun in the field” if you can sleep in it, bring it. Live music on

     Friday and Saturday.


     GI Prout  Killicks and PO’s courses thoroughly enjoyed themselves especially listening to Robbie’s dits. 


     GI Archer Good to see all you guys and if the Ladies night in in June I should be able to make it.


The Meeting closed at 20.39


Meeting 309th will be held in April 2016.


See you at the next Meeting.




Yours Aye


Nick  & Ty


Semper Strenuissima

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