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Members present  GIís ĖThurston, Tidball, Luker, Dobson, Roberts, Curnow, Pointon, Prout, Morgan (Bulwark), Jewell, Lewis, Cook, Taylor

Apologies from GIís Holmes, MaCallum,  Luther, McKie, Nuttycombe,  Archer, Bennett, Walker, Beer, Potts, Phipps, Horswill, Boyle, Clarke, Richardson, Baker

The 305th  Meeting was held in December 2015

The President opened the Meeting at 20:00 with the Loyal Toast to Gunners, Missilemen and AWWís


Crossing the bar: In respect of the 130 people killed on 13 November 2015 for the crime of being in the French Capital on that fateful night.

Minute Proposals: The 304th  Minutes were proposed by GI Dobson and Seconded by GI Tidball

Treasurerís Report: 

Books available on the table for inspection

      Polo Shirts



      Cuff Links



      Lapel Badges



 Secretaryís Report:  

Proposals book is on the table with one proposal in it for the V P but we still need 2 more proposals for the positions up for election in January. They are Treasurer, Social Secretary

Social Secretaryís Report:

As read by Secretary

From Danny Horswill to Craig Walker

Two years ago we were hosted by yourselves at the Plymouth Aquarium. The night proved to be a great success. I spoke to your dad (via e-mail)( G I Walker) as he is still in India I should contact you direct. So what dates do you have in March/April, and costings per head for around 60 people. I am scouting for venues and you were top of the list.

From Craig Walker to Danny Hoswill

Nice to be top of the list Dates free as follows March  11th, 12th, 19th, April 15th, 29th, 30th, but they tend to go quickly.

Vice President:

Iíve spoken to Oggie wrt photos from the Ladies Night. She has emailed everyone who put down for a   

      photo, to date she has only received 2 replies with orders. If you havenít received a draft of your picture in

      an email, let me know and Iíll get in touch with her. If you have any feedback, good or bad, please let me  

      know so she can rectify any pick ups you may have.

     I have spoken to G I Smith in Pompey reference their Constitution he is sending me a copy so I can read it 

     and plagiarise it to suit our needs. 

     As of Christmas day I am a civvy.

Presidents Report: 

As read by the Vice president

The information has already been sent out but that doesnít stop me repeating myself.

I have arranged a 3 Wise Monkeys Trophy Games Night with the TASIs for the March Meeting. They will meet us here and I hope we muster a strong turnout to defend our Title. I will organise some smally eats with Paul, if it goes anything like the previous serials then it should be a great night when we go for the treble! What I havenít mentioned before is that theyíve asked if we will support their Charity this time around, seeing as I have yet to source a suitable charity, I am in favour.

The lack of New Joiners is a continuing worry for the life of our Association. I donít believe in ordering Career Courses to attend and will always stand by the opinion that a volunteer is always better than a pressed man. Speaking with the Career Courses when they come through MTU and explaining what we are about with an invite to our meeting hasnít really bourn the fruits Iíd hoped it would. Iím always open to ideas as to how we can change this and GI Prout has come up with the idea of: rather than get them to come to us, why donít we come to them? This is pretty much moving the mountain to Mohammed and Iíd like to explore that.

GI Prout: I run the PO and Killick courses and the Prez gives them a good spiel about the Association. There are three courses a year so I have suggested we conduct our meeting 3 times a year over at Raleigh and go to them. February is the optimum time for the first meeting over at Raleigh and the Killicks bar has already been booked and smally eats will be put on. There will not only be courses there but also instructors who live on board who could also attend. Does that sound like a good idea?

A quick show of hands showed it would be viable.

I propose we hold the February Meeting (11th) at RALEIGH.

Naturally I will make it mandatory that Career Courses attend if we cross over to the Duchy but I donít want it to be at the expense of you and I donít want to abuse your loyalty. If you want me to make this a proposal to be voted for in January then I will but Iíd rather we get this squared away as soon as is practically possible.


GI Morgan

Apologies Rxíd from

GI Ďs Boyle, Beer, Walker, Holmes, Clarke, Lester, Archer, Bennett, Richardson, Walker, Potts

       Sick Note:

 GI  Pilkington, MaCallum,  Evans

Happy Birthdays:

G I   Peplow (7th), Richardson (9th), Lumley (12th), Stevenson (25th), Swain (29th), Curnow (30th) Bladen who would have been 56 on the 30th. Happy birthday to you all.

Presidents Charity:

Still looking for a suitable charity. Guys, if you know of a suitable charity where the gift of money will help an ďunderdogĒ cause rather than get lost in expenses, please highlight it to me.

Association Website

With regards to the website, I must remind everyone that it is not secure. Comments made there are visible to anyone and everyone. Iím guilty of this and will/have contacted Ray to remove my public comments. In light of the current threat I will look at different ways of tightening up online security but for now I will say no more about dates and times and places of meetings and social serials online.

Portsmouth Website: Ė

Portsmouth site has been taken down for the time being, it will be up and running when Mike gets on to it.

Emails Rxíd from around the Globe:

GI Holmes:

Please send apologies for the GIís and wish then all the best for the festive season, unfortunately I wonít be back in time for the December Meeting.

G I MaCallum

      Thanks for the sick note mench in the Minutes so sitrep for this meeting.

      On my last contract on the Gin Palace I was in a bit of pain with what I thought and some Medical minds  

     agreed was a back problem.  Turned out it was all from my hips initially the left one and further  


     revealed that the right was in pretty shit state too.  So double hip replacement, one Op on July 27th followed  

     by the second on 1 Sept. 

    Glad to say that recovery has gone well and now just about back to normal with no pain.  'Twas interesting to

    be sure and I now have a complete new empathy for those who hav to get around on crutches or are

    handicapped in any way, very little provision made and certainly no leeway from a busy and self indulgent


   Anyway I have one more consultation and should be made fit for duty at that visit and the company have

   already slotted me in on my ship on the 18th of Feb.  I will be back in the UK early in the New Year until that


   So if you are still awake that is just about it for now.  Please pass on my kind regards to all at the Meeting.  

   Have a great Xmas and a Happy New Year to you all.


   From the Macattack!

GI Westall:


I have just received my copy of the minutes from last months meeting, I understand that I am not a member of the Association at the moment, but I must say that I am quite aggrieved by Terry Boyles comments in the AOB with regards to the Remembrance Day Parade that was held on the Hoe on Nov 8th

 GI Boyle: Well done for the Gents evening. Only disappointment was the numbers. Not as many guests as I thought there would be. A few said they would come but didnít , follow up e-mails or texts to try to get the numbers up. If it wasnít for the guests we would have been stuck.

Another thing, I went to the Hoe on Remembrance Sunday and a Naval Guard walked past with a two badge Killick in charge and he was poor. I would like to have shoved his Pace stick up his arse and opened it. The Chief of the Parade just stood there and did nothing. Officer of the Guard was just as bad. Saying that the drill was ok, in time and everything. But those in chargeÖ Unless youíre going to do a good job, donít do it.

I would be very grateful if you would please read out my response to Mr Boyle as he obviously canít be bothered in finding out who the Chief of the Parade was, nor it seems can he be bothered to speak to me personally about it.  I accept that everyone is allowed their own opinions on how the event ran however, as you may of gathered I feel quite strongly about my staff and myself being criticised without being able to respond.

I would like to point out a number of things


1.    The same routine has been conducted on the Hoe for at least the 6 years without any criticism being voiced. The whole event took around 4 months to organise and coordinate by myself whilst dealing with a lot of outside authorities and organisations including a Royal household.  All drill was conducted in accordance with BRd 1834 with some further guidance having been sought from State Ceremonial Staff.

2.    The Naval Guard were trained over a period of 2 weeks with them only getting the middle weekend  off from training prior to the Parade which equates to some 60 hours training.

3.    A Naval Guard donít walk past anyone or anything they will always march and that is exactly what this Naval Guard did and at all times.

4.    The 2 badge killick was not in charge of the Guard at all, all 3 Guards (RN, RM & 6 Rifles) had a Drill Instructor with them to ensure conformity as the Army contingent (6 Rifles) are Reservists and could not afford the amount or level of training desired and therefore required a DI.

5.    ďThe Chief of the Parade just stood there and did nothingĒ  As the Chief of the Parade if I had to go around the parade and sort things out then I would not of fulfilled or conducted the training or the rehearsals adequately. I also felt that this was not the occasion for barking and shouting orders especially at veterans and cadets as itís quite a sombre occasion and it was not warranted, however I can quite happily say that if I felt that this was to be required then it would of happened.

6.    With regards to the Officer of the Guard, he was the same Officer who took charge of the Guard last year and well aware of what was required of him and conducted himself accordingly.

7.    If Mr Boyle is of the opinion that those in charge did not do a good job then he may wish to speak to me personally about this, at which point I would be quite happy to show him and let him read the letters and emails of thanks and recognition for providing the City with a Remembrance Day Parade to be proud of, not only from the Commodore of the Naval Base, The Lord Mayor of Plymouth and also the Senior Serving Officers of all three Services who paraded on the day but also from Prince Michael of Kentís office.

8.    I can only apologise that the Parade did not come up to Mr Boyles expectations. I feel that the cheers and the amount of applause all the parading participants received, from over four thousand members of the public as we conducted the march pasts, in respect and to salute the two monuments was obviously unfounded.


I am not sure how many of your members are of the same feeling as Mr Boyle, hopefully he is of a minority. I pride myself in being a member of the Royal Navy State Ceremonial Cadre and I have and always will endeavour to achieve and promote the highest possible standards of the Royal Navy especially more so when it is viewed in the public eye.

Can I also take this opportunity in thanking you as President of the Association for reading out my response to Mr Boyles comments.

Yours Aye

Chris Westall

Chief of the Guard Devonport Naval Base

Raffle Prize donators:

GIís Roberts, Curnow, Pointon, Tidball, Prout

Next Raffle: 

G I Morgan (D), Holmes (D), Luker, Jewell, Cook, Dobson, Morgan (Bulwark)

Raffle Winners:

G I  Prout, Lewis, Dobson, Roberts, Jewell,  Mickey Goble

     Tonightís raffle raised £70  towards the Royal British Legion


GI  Lewis

Taff Magraw who ran the pub, his wife got hold of me concerning mesothelioma. The British Legion is campaigning at the moment because if a civilian got this disease they are likely to get around £180 K compensation and a service person would get around £32K. I will put on my face book account a link to a letter template so those who would like to can fire of a letter to the government. The more people do it the better.

G I Prout

Social jolly boys outing in December starting at the Hyde Park pub at XX:XX until XX:XX then Greenbank to Kittyís

I went to a Warrants meeting in Excellent and the stuff we are doing in the Association to try to bring in new blood, they will be keeping a close eye on us to see how we make out and if it is successful they may consider Killicks.

I have been tasked with putting together a paper to show what the ethos of a Gunner was in the past, present and future. I have emailed the fleet and any input is welcome from the past, present. If you have any strong feeling about the core of being a Gunner let me know. It could well end up as a forward in the 1043 series.

 Thank You to everyone for your contributions.    

Port fines incurred at Stag dinner

G I Minall, Prout, Horswill, Phipps, Lewis, Roberts, McKie

Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you and yours

The Meeting closed at 20.54

Meeting 306th will be held in January 2016.

See you at the next Meeting.


Yours Aye   

Nick  & Ty


Semper Strenuissima

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