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Members present were GI’s –Baker, Thurston, Horswill, Walker, Boyle, Curnow, Johnson, Luker, Dobson, Beer, Perry, Pointon, Clarke, McKie, Lewis, Ashley, Nuttycombe, Prout & Jewell.

LS AWW Course, Cobbett, Cairns, Rowland, O’Rielly, Taylor.

Apologies from GI’s Roberts, Cook S, Holmes, Potts, Bennett

The 298th Meeting was held at the St Levan Inn on Thursday 14th May 2015.

The President opened the Meeting at 20:00 with the Loyal Toast to Gunners, Missilemen and AWW’s


Crossing the bar:   Nil 

Minute Proposals: The 297th Minutes were proposed by GI Clarke and seconded by GI Prout

Treasurer’s Report: 

Books are on the table for anyone to look at. Bottom line is the Association is worth £2,238.09

      Polo Shirts



      Cuff Links



      Lapel Badges



Secretary’s Report:  

Proposals book is on the table, AGM is coming up shortly, only paid up members of the association can propose in the book.

Social Secretary’s Report:

Ladies night is coming up shortly, as yet we have nil returns on the proformas but not too worried as yet. But the advertising will be ramped up shortly.

BBQ at Raleigh for the night previous to Ladies night, bouncy castle for the kids has been organised,

Gentlemen’s evening, a few enquires about venue’s has gone out but I can’t get specifics on prices, just we will be happy to have you. Further enquires are being made.

Vice President:

My stint in Crete is at an end and things are now set up for Board & Search and it was the first time since the Second World War that the Union Jack has been raised over Crete. It has been mentioned by the Royal Navy and the Crete Navy so that was an honour for me personally.

Stonehouse have said they will open the ramp access so they can be used instead of the steep steps

You can bring anyone you want your wife, girlfriend, significant other, and as many guests as you want to.

If there are any special dietary requests let me know early and you will be accommodated

(G I Walker, did he mention the Union Jack was raised)

Prez Yes he did One bottle of Port V P

Presidents Report: 

Thank you G I Prout for organising the Gib meeting, everybody enjoyed it, so good it will have to be done again. Me personally, I had a great time but ready to come home at the end, my body could not handle any more.

PCS: all MTU instructors will wear the new rig as the kit role out takes place.


GIs Astley, McKie, Perry, Nuttycombe

The current Killicks course

Apologies Rx’d from

GIs Bennett, Cook S, Holmes, Roberts, Potts.

      Sick Note:

      GIs Edis, Pilkington

Happy Birthdays:

GIs Lowther (8th), Jewell (18th), Pickup (20th), Beer (22nd). Happy Birthday to you all.

Presidents Charity:

Have been in contact with the Chip Shop, I am finalising suitable time to officially hand over the cheque

Any input to next years charity is welcome.

Association Website

Don’t forget, it’s not just a chat room for GIs Boyle, McCallum, and Beer

 Portsmouth Website:

Portsmouth site has been taken down for the time being, it will be up and running when Mike gets on to it.

 Emails Rx’d from around the Globe:

Received email from Nige Loar correcting the info in the last set of Minutes with regard to Nick Pilkington. Nick was his sea dad on the Yarmouth 1970 -71

 Raffle Prize donators:

GIs Horswill, Baker, Walker, Dobson, Luker, Curnow, Roberts, Prout, Astley

 Next Raffle: 

GI Horsewill, Beer, Boyle, Pointon, Mckie, Johnson, Jewell, Holmes (D)

 Raffle Winners:

GIs Prout, Luker, Jewell, Beer, Mickey Goble, all the killicks course except Prez’s sweetheart

Oh and GI Walker won the mustard

Tonight’s raffle raised £125 towards the GIs Association.  

Thank You to everyone for your contributions.    


GI Lewis, for those who came to my 50th thank you very much, Sunday morning was spent getting   acquainted with the toilet.

GI Cairns thank you for the invite I have enjoyed myself and hopefully I will come again.

GI Horswill thanks for the invite

GI Prout there are two courses running side by side the Killicks course is here, the POs course is not here. They have potentially 2 further meetings to attend though.

GI Beer on the table there is some paraphernalia concerning the last meal at HMS Cambridge before closure and some joining instructions from the mid 70’s and Australia was good.

GI Walker Angie and I will be going back to India again in November so we may approach the Association again. If anyone has an elderly male family member who would like to go to the Ladies Night I have been detailed off by my mother take her, she is 72 so someone whom is blind, deaf and senile would be good.    (Robbie)

The Meeting closed at 20:51

 Meeting 299th will be held on Thursday 1th June at The St.Levans Inn

Still only £10 per annum plus a £5 joining fee.  Full Members get a £5 discount for the Ladies Night Dinner and the Branch Dinner so why not pay up now and feel better for paying less at these prestigious Serials.

Any Dits, nostalgic pictures or queries - contact me on:

See you at the next Meeting.


Yours Aye

Nick  & Steve

P.S.  Please advise of any spelling mistakes so that they can be corrected to maintain a professional set of Minutes


Semper Strenuissima

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