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Members present were GIs –Baker, Thurston, Horswill, Walker, Potts, Boyle, Roberts, Richardson, Cook S, Bennett, Cox, Stones, Cooper, Curnow, Johnson, Luker, Dobson, Holmes, Lynch, Wright, Archer, Minall

Apologies from GIs – McCallum, McKie, Beer, Jewell, Lewis, Clarke, Lowther, Phipps, Nutt & Nuttycombe.

The 296th Meeting was held at the St Levans Inn on Thursday 12th March  2015

The President opened the Meeting at 20:00 with the Loyal Toast to Gunners, Missilemen and AWW’s


Crossing the bar:   Nil

Minute Proposals: The 295th Minutes were proposed by GI Bennett and Seconded by GI Cook S

Treasurer’s Report: 

Books are on the table for anyone to look at. Bottom line is the Association is worth £1,171.37

      Polo Shirts



      Cuff Links



      Lapel Badges



Secretary’s Report:  

Proposals book is on the table for entries for the AGM, GI Loar sends his regards to Johno.

 A few apologies, GI Beer on his way to Australia, GI Jewell introducing the Greeks to Port, GI McKie work commitments.

It must be mentioned that during the course of the evening, the Dictaphone chewed up the tape so a significant portion of these minutes is compiled from memory. A new recording device will be in place prior to our meeting in May.

0781 321 4007

Social Secretary’s Report:

Gibraltar: GI Prout has completed all loose ends with regards to our next meeting in Gibraltar, those who are attending that should hear from him in good time.

Ladies Night: This event is now open, keep an eye out for information via the usual channels.

Branch Dinner: Looking at venues for the Branch dinner including various Masonic lodges and possibly catering colleges.

Vice President:


Presidents Report: 

The funeral service of Jan Rodda – as far as Funeral services go, went very well. Thank you all who stepped forward and volunteered their services for the role of Coffin Bearer and to GI Lewis for coming in at the last minute (my fault) and leading us. Our presence was duly noted by his widow and to say she was appreciative is an understatement. I for one was very proud to have been a part of it but I must mention GI Phipps personally as he helped carry him on his final journey having never got the chance to meet him in the flesh before his health failed him. His turnout filled the Chapel and the area outside, attendance from the association was outstanding and the traffic jam on the way to Bodmin only caught one of us out.

As for the wake, I have no idea, that Friday 13th started a seemingly unending run of bad luck for me which began with taking my car to be scrapped still dressed in Number 1’s rather than hitting the sailing club with everyone else, but I trust everyone celebrated his life in good spirit.

Our application to join CONA has been submitted, awaiting further details on that

06 March saw the 2nd anniversary of GI Bladen crossing the bar, the second member of his family is currently in week 8 of phase 1 training at HMS RALEIGH we wish him all the success in his new career.

Pay your subs guys the next meeting in the pub will be in May so don’t  let your admin go the same way as the VPs does!


GI Johnson (all the way from NZ), Archer, Holmes, Cooper, Minall, Curnow, Cox, Dobson, Stones, and LS Wright from the Parade Ground.

      Sick Note:

      GIs Edis & Pilkington

Happy Birthdays:

GIs Nutt (1st) Lester (8th) Luker (19th). Happy Birthday to you all.

Presidents Charity:

Mine is in hand, just waiting for a poster size cheque from the bank to present the money

GI Lewis: he is currently waiting on others to finalise his charitable help. When he was at the Mustard Tree they were very appreciative for the Broadband which our association provided under his leadership and were thankful to be in a position to say in person to him how much of a positive impact the Broadband had been and wanted to pass on their unreserved thanks for what has been achieved.

Association Website:

Don’t forget, it’s not just a chat room for GIs Boyle, McCallum, and Beer

Portsmouth Website:

Portsmouth site is still down for the time being.

Emails Rx’d from around the Globe:

Ty, please give my apologies at next weeks meeting. But unfortunately I am in Perth Australia conducting valuable and worthwhile boarding training to the New Zealand Navy. – GI Nuttycombe

Raffle Prize donators:

GI’s Horswill, Potts, Cook, Bennett, Richardson, Thurston & Johnson.

 Next Raffle: in Gibraltar

GIs Baker & Walker.

Raffle donators for May meeting

GIs Horswill, Dobson, Luker, Holmes, Curnow, Roberts

Raffle Winners:

GIs Richardson, Walker, Roberts, Curnow, Baker, Archer & Mickey Goble.

Tonight’s raffle raised £108 which is the first raffle which goes back in to the Association.  

Thank You to everyone for your contributions.    


GI Boyle – There is a breakfast club every week at the Hungry Horse at Plympton which you are all invited to attend. Details are in the Guest Book on the Website.

GI Cooper – I’d like to donate £10 for a bottle of Port for all those going to Gib next month, have a drink on me. ([Prez] Henry, you’re a star)

The Meeting closed at 21:04

The next Meeting (297th) will be held on Friday 10th April in Gibraltar Patrol Boat Sqn HQ. The 298th meeting will be held on Thursday 14th May at the St Levan Inn

Still only £10 per annum plus a £5 joining fee.  Full Members get a £5 discount for the Ladies Night Dinner and the Branch Dinner so why not pay up now and feel better for paying less at these prestigious Serials.

 See you at the next Meeting        


Yours Aye   

Nick  & Ty


Semper Strenuissima

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