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Members present were GI’s –Clarke, Horswill, Phipps, Richardson, Pointon, Roberts, Potts, Baker, Holmes, Cook S, Thurston, Walker, Prout, Nuttycombe, Boyle, Lewis, Lynch,

Apologies from GI’s –McKie, Bennett, Curnow, Luther, Pilkington

The 294th Meeting was held at the St Levans Inn on Thursday 08 January 2015

The President opened the Meeting at 20:03 with the Loyal Toast to Gunners, Missilemen and AWW’s


Crossing the bar:  

CPO(ops)(M) Dave Grassie 11 December 2014. His funeral was held at Porchester   Crematorium on 29th December 2014 

FCPO(GI) Freddie Fookes a legend on the Parade Ground during the 60’s and 70’s, crossed the bar on 4th January 2015 aged 82

Minute Proposals: The 293rd Minutes were proposed by GI Potts  and Seconded by GI  Lewis

Treasurer’s Report: 

Apologies for last month I was in Lulworth doing GPMG firings. Books are on the table for you to look at if you wish, bottom line is when the charity money is taken out of the equation the Association is worth £1,303.87

      Polo Shirts



      Cuff Links



      Lapel Badges



Secretary’s Report:  

A couple of apologies one from GI McKie I have his votes for the voting tonight and GI Bennett is working.

Social Secretary’s Report:

VP is running with this at the moment and promised he would have something for the Ladies night and Gentlemen’s evening but nothing has appeared.

 Vice President:

Apologies I am in Crete until April working. Hopefully will have updates for upcoming events by Thursday.

Presidents Report: 

Going onto my bit and the first thing is proposals which require voting on

Looking at the proposals and we have some issues. There is no avoiding the issue, to have a vote and to propose something you have to be a paid up member, unfortunately G I Hind is not a paid up member so proposal 108 is void. This will come up again and just to remind you of what it was. To re-organise the RN & RM Gunnery branch as follows

1/ Life President

2/ Chairman

3/ Vice chairman

Proposal 109 To support Ellen Ross in transplant games in Argentina August 2015 to the tune of £150

Yes                        14

No                         2

Abstention             2

Proposal 110 G I Thurston to carry on as Social Secretary

Yes                        18

No                         0

Abstention             0

Proposal 111 G I Jewell to remain as Vice President

Yes                        16

No                         0

Abstention             2

Proposal 112 The Association to fund some of the trip to Gibraltar in April 2015 Suggested £600, revised to £25 per person to cover fuel

Yes                        9

No                         2

Abstention             7

G I Walker gave one sixth of the fuel money  (£25)for Gibraltar to Ellen Ross 

G I Walker pointed out that this meeting was for voting on the Vice President and Social Secretary only.

That completes the proposals time is 2050 so ease springs

Stand to 2100

 Welcome to:

G I Holmes, Phipps, Boyle, Nuttycombe, Thurston

Apologies Rx’d from:

G I Jewell, Dobson, Archer, Luker, Beer, McKie, Bennett, Peplow  

       Sick Note:

       G I Curnow, Pilkington

Happy Birthdays:

G I Pointon 4th, Hewitt 11th, Sims 16th, Pilkington 18th, Hickman 22nd, Tonkin, Ronald 24th


Presidents Charity:

At present we’ve raised £360 for charity, your continued support really is appreciated. As well as that thank you massively to those who volunteer to bring raffle prizes in as without you the raffles wouldn’t be as popular as they currently have been.

Association Website

It is intended to get a current list of paid up members populated on the site as there seems to have been some confusion as to who’s a paid up member

Portsmouth Website:

Portsmouth site has been taken down for the time being, it will be up and running when Mike gets on to it.

Emails Rx’d from around the Globe:

G I Tonkin please pass on my New Year greetings to all at the meeting

Raffle Prize donators:

GI’s Horswill, Richardson, Baker, Lynch, Clarke, Potts

Next Raffle: 

G I Lowther (D), Lewis, Horswill, Boyle, Holmes, Roberts, Phipps, Clarke

Raffle Winners:

G I ‘s Lewis, Cook S, Roberts, Horswill, Richardson, Baker, Potts, Paul the Landlord, Holmes, Lynch

Tonight’s raffle raised £105  towards the Presidents Charity.  

Thank You to everyone for your contributions.    


G I Cook Subs are due shortly and due to other commitments I’ll not always be here so I’ll take your subs        when I can.

G I Lewis congratulations to the Prez and Jules for their achievement of being parents in waiting.

G I Prout Flight and accommodation is booked for Gibraltar. Some of the TASi’s want to jump on the band wagon so the information has been given to them. There is still accommodation left so not to late to come with us.  Some of the guys from Spain will also be in attendance. Ray Lester has a reunion the next week after us so he may well stay on between the two.

G I Baker Two things. 1/ Happy new year, 2/ congratulations to Scouse Boyle, Sam Potts and Robbie Roberts because you guys are senior guys and it has been noticed that your bladders are a lot stronger than Points bladder.

The Meeting closed at 21;38

The next Meeting (295th) will be held on Thursday February 12th at the St.Levans Inn

Still only £10 per annum plus a £5 joining fee.  Full Members get a £5 discount for the Ladies Night Dinner and the Branch Dinner so why not pay up now and feel better for paying less at these prestigious Serials.

See you at the next Meeting.


Yours Aye

Nick  & Ty


Semper Strenuissima

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