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Members present were GIís Ė Lewis, Morgan, Cook, Walker, Thurston, Dobson K, Roberts A, Luther, Baker T, Lowther, Lynch, Phipps, Horswill, Bennett, Curnow, Peplow, Boyle, McIntosh, McKie, Archer, Potts, Perry, Tidball, Cuthbertson, Nuttycombe, Holmes, Cload, Clarke J, Prout, Lambourne and Bell (31).

Apologies from GIís Ė Manning, Lloyd, Beer, Nutt BEM, Stone, MacCallum, Westall, Jewell, Rennie, Pointon, Luker and Lester.

The 283rd Meeting was held at the St Levans Inn on Thursday 9th January 2014.  

The President opened the Meeting at 20:00 with the Loyal Toast to Gunners, Missilemen and POAWWís everywhere.  

Minute Proposals: The 282nd Minutes were Proposed by GI Baker T and Seconded by GI Bennett.

Treasurerís Report: 

The cash statement was read out to the members present. 

Below is an outlay of the stock that I hold and prices. If anyone is interested in purchasing any of these goods then please contact me.

      Polo Shirts



      Cuff Links



      Lapel Badges



Secretaryís Report:  

GI Morgan to remain as Vice President of the West Country Gunnery Association. Proposed by GI Steve Lewis and Seconded by GI Sam Cook.

GI Cook to remain as Treasurer of the West Country Gunnery Association. Proposed by GI Gareth Morgan and Seconded by GI Ty Baker.

GI Thurston to be elected as Secretary of the West Country Gunnery Association. Proposed by GI Sam Cook and Seconded by GI Steve Lewis.

Social Secretaryís Report:

As of now there are 32 for the dinner with a possible 1 other so it should be a good night. Apologies for not attending the dinner as I as I will be in India. GI Baker will take over proceedings as Social Sec and as V.P. for the dinner. After wards please be sure to thank him. There will be a raffle so bring a prize.

Vice President:

Apologies for not attending the dinner off to Liverpool for a customs and excise course. GI Baker will be stepping into the breach.

Presidents Report: 

Welcome to:  GIís    

Apologies Rxíd from: GIís  Stone, Minall, Pointon, Rennie, Evers, Clark

Sick Note:  None to report.

Happy Birthdays: GIís   


Presidents Charity:

Association Website:  Our website is up and running .

Guest Book Ė Please visit and add your comments. There is still not enough action occurring even though the President of the Portsmouth Association has responded himself through it. Big Mac remains convinced that nobody wants to speak to him as he always seems to speaking to himself.  So if for nothing else, visit the site and say hello to Big Mac.

If you have something that you would like included on the site, email it to our Webmaster (Ray Lester).  Ray has done a brilliant job of amending the website as soon as I request anything.

Portsmouth Website: - donít forget to keep tabs on the Portsmouth Website.  

 Emails Rxíd from around the Globe:

GI Ralph Bladen

Raffle Prize donators: GIís Dobson, Lynch, Morgan, Clark, Horswil lx 2, Bennett, Tidball

Next Raffle:  GIís   

Raffle Winners: GIís Curnow, Nuttycombe, Thurston, Lowther, Bennett, Holmes, Peplow and Morgan.

GIís Bennett, Peplow and Morgan have kindly donated their raffle prizes for the Members Evening raffle. GI Clarke J donated a bottle of port for the Members Evening.

Thank you to all for your generosity.

Tonightís raffle raised £180 towards the Presidents Charity.  

Thank You to everyone for your contributions.    


GI Walker  I have 2 points. Firstly I have written many 264ís and sat on countless promotional boards for Chief and Warrant  Officer, something that is looked for is do your have spare capacity. Can you do your job well and do you have anything to spare, this is noticed. So for the younger members volunteer as secretary or vice president or any position of an organisation and get noticed. Secondly thank you for the donations for my Indian trip here is link for the travel blog  (there are underscores either side of the 'In')

 GI Cload  Glad to be back in Godís country. I have found a facebook page that may interest some of you. Itís called Veteranís Honoured. Its for ex service personnel who may have no one to attend their funeral and this is one small way of getting the word out so the funeral will have some attendance. 

GI Baker There are 5 positions on the committee and 3 votes are needed to carry a proposal. For about 4 years now Sam Cook has been doing a dual role so I would like to give my thanks to him.

GI Boyle  Good to see so many younger faces in attendance, in 2 to 3 years time you should be sitting at the end of the table taking these meetings.

GI Dobson  Apologies for missing the next 2 meetings. Iím going SKI ing. Spending Kids Inheritance.

The Meeting closed at 20:55

The next Meeting (284th) will be held on Thursday 13th February 2014 at the St.Levans Inn. 

Still only £10 per annum plus a £5 joining fee.  Full Members get a £5 discount for the Ladies Night Dinner and the Branch Dinner so why not pay up now and feel better for paying less at these prestigious Serials.

Any Dits, nostalgic pictures or queries - contact me on:

See you at the next Meeting.


Yours Aye

Sam & Steve


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Semper Strenuissima

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