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Members present were GI’s – Lewis, Morgan, Cook, Luker, Potts, Thurston, Dobson K, Prout, Roberts A, Boyle, Nutt BEM, Curnow, Rennie, Lloyd and Baker T (15).

Apologies from GI’s – Walker, Fletcher, Nuttycombe, Bladen, Minall, Rodda, Bennett, McKie, Tidball, Hocking, MacCallum, Manning, Westall, Archer and Perry.

The 268th Meeting was held at the St Levans Inn on Thursday 13th September 2012.

The President opened the Meeting at 2001 with our Loyal Toast to Gunners, Missilemen and POAWW’s everywhere.

Bar Crossers        

GI Kevin “Ginge” KENT crossed the bar suddenly due to a heart attack. Ginge was a very popular and likeable ex CPO (OPS) (M) of GI Mike Smith’s era and not only was he a Member of our Association, he was an active Member of the Portsmouth Field Gun Association.  The Service to Celebrate his Life took place on Friday 24 August 2012 at The West Hearts Crematorium, Watford.

Rev James Diaper was a retired deacon of St Alban’s Church, Copnor.  He was hit by a car at the corner of Copnor/Laburnum Rd at 1530 and died without regaining consciousness at 2230 on the 2nd Aug.  He joined the RN as a boy in 1945, Qualified GI in ‘D’ GI’s of 1953.  The Funeral Service (full Mass) took place at 1200 on the 24th Aug at St. Alban’s Church, Copnor Road followed by a Cremation in Portchester.

Minute Proposals: The 266th Meeting (2012 AGM) Minutes were Proposed correct by GI Potts and Seconded by GI Cook as the 267th Meeting was cancelled due to lack of attendance.         

Treasurer’s Report: 

The cash statement was read out. 

All subs are now being accepted for 2012.

Below is an outlay of the stock that I hold and prices. If anyone is interested in purchasing any of these goods then please contact me. I now have in my possession one of the new style t-shirts in XL priced at £25. Anyone interested in purchasing please contact me through the usual channels.

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Secretary’s Report: My first real opportunity to thank everyone for attending the BBQ this year and I hope that all that attended had an enjoyable time. MTU Staff had a wonderful time and did comment as such when we returned to work on the Monday. We will definitely look at organising again next year so please keep a look out for next July.

Social Secretary’s Report: Apologies. However, Mike has still been over to speak with Michelle in Raleigh regarding our Gentlemen’s Night in November.  This prestigious evening has been booked for Friday 16th November 2012, so can I ask that all Members consult their diaries and let me know ASAP their attendance or non-attendance?

Vice President: Rattler handed round photos that were taken on the day of Presentation at Beckley Children’s Hospital. 

Presidents Report: 

Welcome to:  GI’s Larry Lloyd, Dave Rennie, Leroy Prout & Ty Baker.   

Apologies Rx’d from: GI’s   Walker (Calgary), Tidball, Fletcher (Advanced NGS Serials), Nuttycombe (Scotland), Bladen (up country) Minall, Rodda, Bennett (Malta),

Sick Note: GI Tidball reported that Mrs Tidball is very poorly at the moment and Our Thoughts are with them both.

GI Peart also bomb shelled us with the news that his wife (Donna) is also very poorly.  Thoughts are also with you Guys.

      You know where we are.                                                                                                                          

Happy Birthdays: GI’s Rees 12th July, Dobson K 24th , Jones S 27th, Bradbury D 30th, Tonge 10th August, Barsley 24th, Bennett 30th, De La Haye 11th , Luther (today) 13th and Manning tomorrow (14th).


Presidents Charity: All Presentations are now complete.  Thanks to GI’s Morgan, Bladen, Roberts and Curnow for giving their time to attend.  A call is still awaited from the Plymouth Evening Herald’s Defence Correspondent for an interview for the article.

It was disappointing not to hear anything back from Oncology since the presentation when the Association contact details are known.

Next project?  Watch this space..

Request:  Tony Booth: Dear Steve, I am writing with reference to our phone conversation tonight. I would like to ask the Association/Committee to sponsor me for a Skydive I am undertaking for St. Luke's Hospice on August 20th. I would be most grateful for any donation you deem fit.

Yours Aye, in anticipation


Association Website:  Our website is up and running .  There is still not enough action occurring on it though.  The Joining button is now operative.  Please visit and add your comments.  If you have something that you would like included on the site, email it to our Webmaster (Ray Lester).  It is hoped that eventually the Committee will be able to input themselves without relying on Ray all of the time.   

We also have our attached forum

Don’t forget that these Forums are there for you to express yourselves, dit on, etc.

Portsmouth Website: - don’t forget to keep tabs on the Portsmouth Website.  

Emails Rx’d from around the Globe:  

Regards: GI Smithies asked that his Regards be passed on to the Members of the Association and he hopes that all are well.

Raffle Prize donators: GI’s Bladen, Nutt BEM and Boyle x2.

(Prez: Thanks Guys)

Next Raffle:  GI’s Roberts (D again!!), Walker (D), Bennett (D), Baker, Morgan, Nutt, Lewis

                              (D denotes Defaulter – Get your ‘at!!!). 

Raffle Winners: GI’s Paul the Landlord, Boyle, Lewis, Prout & Potts.   

Tonight’s raffle raised £81, a huge Thanks to everyone for their contribution. 


GI Curnow:  Informed us that GI Luther was given the order “About Turn” at passport control as he was on his way on holiday. Apparently Tom didn’t realise his passport had expired until he had it handed back at the airport. So, Tom had to scuttle away home and didn’t get to go on his holiday until a week later.  Today’s lesson – If you are intending to go on holiday check well in advance that your passport has not expired!

GI Nutt BEM:  Funny story about the Late GI “Ginge” Kent – Eric was on two’s course with Ginge in 1970 and was remembering the time they were both on Parade.  Ginge was Class Leader and he had forgotten the Chief GI’s name, which was McKnight.  Well, some good egg told him that it was “McNasty”!!  Off Ginge went to report the class ready for instruction.  “Qualifying Course ready for instruction, Chief McNasty”.  Chief GI McKnight’s answer to that was to call that course “The running 19’s.  “Take them three times around the Parade Ground Kent.”

GI Baker T:  Yesterday was the Royal Navy in Wales event for RNR Cambria.  The final part of the event was a Ceremonial Sunset with band etc.  Ty gave us a brief description of how the RNR believe they are better than General Service and then informed us that three of the Ceremonial Sunset Guard didn’t realise they had to turn up with boots.  Enough said!!

GI Potts:  Apologies for next month.  I will be travelling off to Switzerland again.  For all the Type 21 ratings out there, a reminder the next Re-Union will be the first weekend in October 5th, 6th & 7th.  Friday night will be in the St.Levans and Saturday will in the Royal British Legion at Crownhill with guest performer Shepp Wooley.

GI Lloyd:  Thank you for hosting me tonight and it is a pleasure to be among such fine company.  There are some people here this evening who strongly shaped me into the person I am today - some of you will never know who you are.

Just to inform the GI’s of the West Country; on Friday 5th October WO Si Cox will be performing his final Divisions within HMS Sultan.  Si has no idea that on completion of said Divisions he will be given his final glass of port and then dragged into the “Coach & Horses” outside Victory Gate for a massive session with friends from his past and present.

GI Morgan:  I will pass on my Apologies for next month’s Meeting as I have unfortunately been stitched to do a course in Las Vegas. (What a P***er!!)

GI Lewis:  Spoke about his recent Station Duty collecting the Sea Cadets for the following weeks Courses at Raleigh’s National SSC Training Centre.  Whilst stood awaiting the final arrivals, he and the already assembled youngsters of the future, noticed a gathering of scruffy headwear less Naval Personnel who were casually stood in the public eye in the Station Main Entrance with their hands in pockets (you know – looking the part – first impressions of the Senior Service upon arrival in Plymouth and all that!!!).  One of these Ratings headed through the ticket barrier with his ‘Pash’ and passed Steve and the young Sea Cadets.  Steve (in relaxed Unit non-Uniform Rig) chanced to ask the lad, “Does that Uniform come with headgear?” The response?  Wait for it ..........

“It’s in ma bag Mate.” Infuriated by the response and somewhat embarrassed that this is the Navy’s future, he flashed my RN CPO(AV) ID card at which point the said Rating stopped, instantly apologised, went extremely crimson, got his headgear out of hit bag and fitted it to his schwad.  Once the last Cadets had arrived, we proceeded on mass through the Station Main Entrance passing 6-8 other AB’s and LH’s all in the same poor state of attire.  Wondering if it worth mentioning to this larger group, Steve decided against when in through the Main Entrance walked a Serving Chief Petty Officer in the same crabby kit, no headgear and hands in pockets!!!!!     

On a lighter note; Steve then took this opportunity to defend against GI Rennie (who had obviously sniffed half a Lager Shandy) the honour of his “Hog” (well -  “Chicken Chaser”).   It does 30mph on the flat, 50mph downhill and about 15mph uphill (GI Rennie: I bet Stephen Hawkins is shi**ing himself).

The Meeting closed at 2046

The 267th Meeting will be held on Thursday 11th October 2012 at the St.Levans Inn.

That’s All Folks. Subs are now due for 2012.  Please pay GI Cook ASAP. 

Still only £10 per annum plus a £5 joining fee.  Full Members get a £5 discount for the Ladies Night Dinner and the Branch Dinner so why not pay up now and feel better for paying less at these prestigious Serials.

Any Dits, nostalgic pictures or queries - contact me on:

See you at the next Meeting.


Yours Aye

Sam & Steve


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Semper Strenuissima

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