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Members present were GI’s – Lewis, Morgan, Cook, Boyle, Maddocks, Roberts A, Luker, Bennett, Walker, Paton, Potts, Manning, McCallum, and Thurston (14).

Apologies from GI’s – Cooper, McKie, Curnow, Dobson, Archer, Bladen, Pickup, Tidball and Rodda.

The 260th Meeting was held onboard HMS Albion on Thursday 12th January 2012. Our President offered Sincere Thanks to GI Dougy Maddocks for hosting the Association.

The President opened the Meeting at 2021 with our Loyal Toast to Gunners, Missilemen and POAWW’s everywhere.

Bar Crossers:  The Association stood in Silence in Respect of Minnie Dobson who passed Away just before New Year. Her Funeral was well attended by the Association (Prez: Thanks Guys).

The Ashes of the Late GI Dickie Meads Ashes were interred in the Rose Garden on the Sunday 18th December in a spot where he can look down through the wrought iron gates to what used to be the Parade Ground.

Minute Proposals: The 259th Minutes were proposed by GI Thurston and Seconded by GI Luker.     

Treasurer’s Report: 

The cash statement was read out. 

All subs are now being accepted for 2012.

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Secretary’s Report: As is withholding of our January meeting there are two committee positions up for election.  Our first position is that of Vice-President: GI Gareth Morgan to remain Vice-President, nominated by GI Lewis and Seconded by GI Cook.

GI Lewis – In the immortal words, if it ain’t broken don’t fix it.

GI Cook – I can reiterate the words of our President and also say that Rattler does a fine job when it comes to our Social events, also I believe he has the backing and trust of all our members.

A vote was cast and with no abstentions or votes against the proposal was passed unanimously.

In his re-election speech our Vice-President went on to acknowledge his absences over the past year and stated that would change for this years as he had re-arranged conflicting workloads.

Our second position up for nomination was that of Treasurer: GI Sam Cook to remain Treasurer, nominated by GI Lewis and Seconded by GI Potts.

GI Lewis - It’s not a job I would welcome, looking after the Associations funds and Sam does a sound job.

GI Potts – I reiterate the words of GI Lewis.

A vote was cast and with no abstentions or votes against the proposal was passed unanimously.

In his re-election speech our Treasurer thanked the President and GI Potts for their kind words and promised the Association members to look after their funds for the forthcoming year.

Social Secretary’s Report: Gentlemen.......Bit of a disappointment with the attendance last night, we had 20 odd names down to attend and only 14 turned up, one or two had the courtesy to inform the Pres/Chancellor they couldn't make it...why do we bother?

Anyway to the meeting, thanks to Dougie Maddocks for organising our visit to Albion we were made very welcome with minimum amount of fuss security wise. We met at Drake Main Gate and walked to the ship, when I saw the climb onto the gangway I began to wish I hadn't come, but I, Robbie and Bill Luker made it up with breath to spare. We had a good meeting in the Senior Rates Dining Room with beer and pasties laid on. Robbie as usual struggled to stay with us and his mind kept wondering off and when the Pres did any AOB we couldn't shut him up. Whiskey had his say and took some shit from the Vice, who I will point out has a 100% attendance for 2012. It was decided by the committee that the Association would pay for the beer and pasties consumed this evening.

Okay, I pointed out to the floor that numbers for Ladies Night was going very well but has slowed down recently, I said I was still hoping to reach the 70 number or even more by chop date. At present it stands at 56 and only 15 of them are paid up members the rest are wives and guests. The menu has now been published the only change we have made is the cost, members and wives will be charged £30.00 each & guests will be charged cost price of £35.00 each. Can I have all names to me by the end of February please? Still undecided whether to go for group or disco as entertainment. Other than that the planning is going very well. Rattler will be doing photo's again, there will be a raffle. No GOH as yet the President is looking at this one, our Patron is booked up that night but he will be asked just in case. I will publish a list of all those down for Ladies Night in 2 weeks, so if you want to be on this list get back to me to make sure you are on it. Name of the game is support your local Soc Sec.

Ken Dobson is well, won't be joining us for a while, he thanks all those who attended Minnie’s funeral, he saw some faces he had not seen for a while.

I didn't say much more I wanted to save my breath for getting down that bloody gangway again.....

Vice President: Normally at this point the President would move on, tonight we are graced and so we hand over!!

Personal thanks from Gareth before he began.  Don’t leave the recruiting for our Ladies night solely to the Social Sec, get your friends in on the act, let them know about it and get them onboard.

Presidents Report: 

Welcome to:  Dougy Maddocks.

Apologies Rx’d from: GI’s Dobson, Bladen, Cooper, Tidbal, Rodda, Pickup and Archer.

Sick Note:

GI Ralph Bladen – results Wednesday from last scan

GI Shaun Hawksby refused to answer door it has been reported – given up.

GI Hastie is getting better and now has a mobility scooter. He and GI Bernie Wilcock have formed a GI’s Mobility Chapter.

Our Thoughts are with you ALL.

Happy Birthdays: GI’s Radburn (Dave) 21st Dec, Stevenson 25th, Hastie 28th, Bladen 30th, Pointon 4th Jan, Freeman 9th 

Presidents Charity:

Beckly Children’s Centre – After the dust has settled from Christmas contact will be made with the Centre to arrange a photo opportunity.

Oncology Broadband & Wheel Chair – Thanks to the hard work of our Patron, progress is finally being made. The President will be visiting the man who might be able to make it happen on the 17th January – fingers crossed. With the number of our own currently requiring treatment, now is the time more so than ever to get the Broadband and Wheelchair sorted and the President hopes that the work currently going on behind the scenes will be approved by both West and East Associations’.

 Association Website:  Our new website is up and running There is still not enough action occurring on it though.  The Joining button is now operative.  Please visit and add your comments.  If you have something that you would like included on the site, email it to our Webmaster (Ray Lester).  It is hoped that eventually the Committee will be able to input themselves without relying on Ray all of the time.   We also have our attached forum

Portsmouth Website: - don’t forget to keep tabs on the Portsmouth Website.  

Face book Pages: As we know, FB is the ‘it’ Social Networking Site. As GI McCallum will bear witness, I have submitted the forthcoming Dinner on 3 of these Groups:

Royal Navy Gunnery Branch 1960-2010, HMS Cambridge & Royal Naval Gunnery Instructors Association

Emails Rx’d from around the Globe:

Raffle Prize donators: GI’s Roberts, Archer, McCallam, Boyle and Bennett

Next Raffle:  GI’s Curnow (D), Luther (D), Lewis, Morgan, Luker, Cook & McCallum.

Raffle Winners: GI’s Bennett, Roberts A, Cook, Morgan, and Paton.


GI McCallam:  Emails from Dave Watts & Shep Wooley passing on their regards to all within the West Country Brethren.  Also big thanks to our host Brum Maddocks for putting on this evening. Before I forget, had to hold Sam Pott’s hand coming over the gangway, just to reassure him that he wasn’t going back to sea.  I would also like to pass on my congratulations to our President for his appointment as Deputy of the West Country Royal British Legion.  Very well done & looking forward to the MBE?

GI Roberts A:  Seeing as we’re on the Albion I thought a quick dit would be appropriate.  1962 as a young Scruttock on a minesweeper in Aden, I was perched upon a bollard on the sweep deck observing the Albion coming into harbour. It attaches its two tugs, one fwd & one aft, all of a sudden the Albion lurches forward and this tug at the rear just gets pulled under, it disappears below the waterline.  There I am observing this feat of an evolution, the AB on the quarterdeck of the Albion swings his axe at the wire attaching said tug and because the wire was so taut his axe just bounced straight back up.

Four hours later after diving operations they managed to refloat this tug, which was another feat in itself.  Unfortunately there were four fatalities but I just remember being there as a young AB thinking “There’s something wrong here”.

GI Potts:  Just to let people know Geoff Roberts is back for a third time, FOST Planner under a three year contract.

GI Luker:  Adding on to Robbie’s dit and pointing out that it wasn’t only foreign ports where there were incidents of pulling tugs under.  I was on HMS Bristol docking in Rosyth and we did the same thing.

GI Maddocks:  I would like to take this opportunity to say it is a pleasure to host you onboard and I hope you all have an enjoyable evening.  As for the Albion itself, over the next couple of weeks it will be going into a state of extended readiness and come the end of March the ship will be shut down totally, with it being highly likely that it will not come out the other end.

GI Lewis: GI Ronnie Barker IS standing down in Portsmouth after 4 years in the seat because he is due outside and their President must be serving. WO GI Del Rea’s name has been bounced around as his replacement. I sent an email to GI Mike Smith Thanking GI Barker for his support over the years and wishing him well for his retirement.

GI Sticky Bunce is now residing in Canberra.

Anyone interested in joining the Type 42 Association please contact GI Tim Rankin – Portsmouth GI’s Association.

A final Thanks to HMS Albion and their Crew for accommodating the West Country Gunnery & Missile Instructors Association on the occasion of their 260th Meeting.

  The Meeting closed at 2107

   The 261st Meeting will be held on Thursday 9th February 2012 at the ST.Levans Inn.

That’s All Folks. Subs are due in March 2012.  Please pay GI Cook ASAP. 

Still only £10 per annum plus a £5 joining fee.  Full Members get a £5 discount for the Ladies Night Dinner and the Branch Dinner so why not pay up now and feel better for paying less at these prestigious Serials.

any Dits, nostalgic pictures or queries contact me on: or 01752813712/07411434224  

See you at the next Meeting.


Yours Aye

Sam & Steve

P.S.  Please advise of any spelling mistakes so that they can be corrected to maintain a professional set of Minutes. 


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Semper Strenuissima

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