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Members present were GI’s – Lewis, Morgan, Cook, Boyle, Roberts A, Luker, Richardson, McKie, Bennett, Dobson, Curnow, Tidball, Walker, Paton, Nutt BEM, Pickup, Archer, Potts, Rodda, Fletcher, Prout, Manning and Lester (23).

Apologies from GI’s – McCallam, Roberts G, Till, Luther, Baker T, Baker L, Perry, Thurston and Bladen.

The 258th Meeting was held at the St Levans Inn on Thursday 10th November 2011.

Two Minute Silence was respectfully held to remember all those who have selflessly given their lives.

The President opened the Meeting at 2013 with our Loyal Toast to Gunners, Missilemen and POAWW’s everywhere.

Minute Proposals: The 257th Minutes were proposed by GI Walker and Seconded by GI Bennett.     

Treasurer’s Report: 

The cash statement was read out. 

Secretary’s Report: Nothing to report

Social Secretary’s Report: Gentlemen.....What a good turn out last night and what a long session we had; even had to take a break half way through.  If you couldn't make it you missed a good evening and I will give you a quick summary of what happened on the Social front.  Great thanks again to all those who donated a raffle prize, (stand fast Robbie) we were awash with them and the Poppy Appeal will be donated £300 - Well Done the Association.

I explained to those present the reason for having to cancel our Gents Night at Raleigh.  The majority agreed with the action and some were very disappointed, especially GI Walker who had nothing on the said Friday 18th November.  There were two main reasons for cancelling; first was the quoted price. I couldn't really justify asking Members to pay that much.  Secondly, and the one that really got to me, was the numbers attending.  There were more GI’s at last night’s Meeting than were registered to attend the Gents Night!!  I ask you the Members - do we want two Formal Dinners a year or would you prefer one function every year alternating between the two?  Think about that one and get back to the Pres or Me with your thoughts.  Personally I am in favour of both.  Twice a year isn't much to ask but that's my personal point of view.

I have provisionally booked Drake for Friday 6th April 2012.  This function will be publicised as the “West Country GI's Dinner & Dance”.  By doing this we hope to push it out to wider field e.g. the TASI’s/PRI's.  If you are thinking of attending, I would like to encourage you to bring along friends and family.  If we all did this we might get a more encouraging turnout.  Details will follow over the coming months.

Vice President: 

Relax                   2050

Stand To             2100

Presidents Report: 

Welcome to:  GI’s

Apologies Rx’d from: GI’s


Sick Note:

GI Ben Hedges – Testicular Cancer and is under-going an operation shortly

GI Shaun Hawksby about to start Chemo tomorrow 1 day then 2 weeks of x 3

GI Bill Hastie is still poorly from illness.

GI Danny Daniel is back on Chemo

Our Thoughts and Best Wishes to you all.

Happy Birthdays: GI’s John Windust 26th October, GI’s Minall 28th , Matthews (P) 16th November

Cook 19th.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you all.

Presidents Charity:

Beckly Children’s Centre – GI Dobson kindly represented the Association the official opening last night.  Representatives from the local Media, Dignitaries, Senior Management and Local Councillors were also present, and according to Ken the place looks fantastic with the television receiving warm applause. 

Oncology Wheel Chair – Regrettably the wheelchair has not yet been purchased.

It is still the hope that the GI’s Association can negotiate with the Derriford’s procurement team to facilitate a dedicated phone line on a continual long term contract to provide Broadband for the Cancer sufferers in Level 2 Oncology – watch this space.

(Prez: Our illustrious Patron has been into bat for us and as a result an email has been sent to Andy Nevill at Derriford and I am currently awaiting a response).

 Association Website:  Our new website is up and running  .  There is still not enough action occurring on it though.  The Joining button is now operative.  Please visit and add your comments.  If you have something that you would like included on the site, email it to our Webmaster (Ray Lester).  It is hoped that eventually the Committee will be able to input themselves without relying on Ray all of the time.   We also have our attached forum

Thanks again, Ray.


CPO’s Signal:

Signal:   The following 12 Petty Officer AWW’s have been selected for promotion to Chief Petty Officer AWW:













HILL C NMTS RALEIGH (Supplementary)

Congratulations to all.

Portsmouth Website: - don’t forget to keep tabs on the Portsmouth Website.  

Emails Rx’d from around the Globe:

Raffle Prize donators: A big thanks to all those who provided prizes for this month’s raffle.  We raised a very impressive £282 for The Royal British Legion “Poppy Appeal” which the Association will add to raising it to £300.

Next Raffle:  GI’s: Roberts (FMTH), Walker, Fletcher, Archer, Manning, Tidball and Potts.

Raffle Winners: GI’s Morgan, Boyle, Cook, Pickup, Walker, Potts, Richardson, Lester, McKie, Tidball, Rodda, Lewis and Bennett.


GI Paton: Has officially been Medically Discharged from the RN after 23 years Service. He will not be remaining in the Plymouth area once all formalities have been completed as he has already been house hunting in the North-West.

GI Lester:  Could anyone with ideas of what material they would like to see on the website then get in touch?  All feedback is very welcome.

GI Pickup:  Made a valid point about all the crap going around about the “Counter-Piracy” jobs.  With regards to the correct courses and paperwork required to meet the criteria; please feel free to contact myself or Tom Archer and we will put you in the right direction instead of listening to the rumours!

GI Rodda:  Took this moment to pass on his thanks to the Association for their kindness and support over the past couple of months.

Prez: The first Sailor in the 502 year History becomes a Beefeater at the Tower of London

Former WO1 Rob Fuller has made a small slice of British history as the first sailor ever to become a Beefeater at the Tower of London

 The Meeting closed at 2143

The 259th Meeting will be held on Thursday 8th December 2011 at the St Levans Inn.

That’s All Folks. Subs were due in March 2011.  Please pay GI Cook ASAP. 

Still only £10 per annum plus a £5 joining fee.  Full Members get a £5 discount for the Ladies Night Dinner and the Branch Dinner so why not pay up now and feel better for paying less at these prestigious Serials.

Any Dits, nostalgic pictures or queries - contact me on: or through the website  or 07411 434224.  My home

See you at the Meeting.


Sam Cook

P.S.  Please advise of any spelling mistakes so that they can be corrected and we maintain a professional set of Minutes on our WorldWide Website


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Semper Strenuissima

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