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Members present were GI’s – Lewis, Morgan, Cook, Boyle, Roberts A, Curnow, Dobson, Paton, Thurston, Luker, Potts, Bennett, Evers, Scarrott, Hind, Walker, Rodda, Nutt BEM, Archer, Smith K, Sims, Tidball, Bladen (23)

Apologies from GI’s – McKie, Baker T, Norman, Cooper, Roberts G, Luther & Dixon RNZN.   

252nd Meeting was held at the St Levans Inn on Thursday 12th May 2011.

The President opened the Meeting at 2013 with our Loyal Toast to Gunners, Missilemen and POAWW’s everywhere. 

Bar Crossers: It was with great sadness that the President informed of the Passing of GI Gary Chisnal (Ex-Penelope during Falklands) at the age of 50. A Minute of Silence was held in his Honour and Condolences offered to his family.

Minute Proposals: The 251st Minutes were Proposed by GI Potts and Seconded by GI Bennett.    

Treasurer’s Report: 

The cash statement was read out. 

As I promised in last month’s minutes I produced a break down of costings for our Ladies Night. Our Social Secretary had a huge grin on his face when I initially pronounced that he had made a huge loss. However, his idea of using the 250th Meeting pot to add towards the payment of the Ladies Night has severely backfired and he is now looking at making a “profit”.  Sorry Terry, it was still a fantastic night though and I promise to make a loss at the BBQ.

Secretary’s Report: Our yearly BBQ has been provisionally booked for Friday 22nd July, I still have to request this with Major Nev Nixon, but I am sure that if there is nothing in the way then this will be the date.  GI’s, can I please ask that you put this date in your diaries now and start talking to your friends and family so that we can have another hugely successful event. Can I also ask that you forward me your name and number of guests ASAP.

A reminder to our members that July’s meeting is our AGM and there are the usual three Committee positions up for election or re-election. These positions are President, Social Secretary and Secretary. Members, it is your Association Committee and it is you who votes us into these positions of honour, so can I ask you all to think about these elections and either attend the next meeting to make your proposal or email me and I will enter it in the book for you.

Social Secretary’s Report: Next event is the BBQ, which is in hand with the Treasurer & VP. Gents Night was provisionally booked for 11th November 2011 (11/11/11), however, some s**t head CPO pointed out to me that the following day may be Remembrance Sunday!!! So, our provisional booking has been made 18th November.

Vice President: Photos from the Ladies Night, still a couple in my possession and group photos are available for those interested.

Presidents Report: 

Welcome to: GI’s Hind, Scarrott, Rodda, Bennett and Walker     

Apologies Rx’d from: GI’s: Bladen, Richardson, Honeychurch, Honey, Jennings and Pickup

Sick Note: GI Dennis Elliot has been unwell but appears to be good spirits. He hopes to attend a Meeting again in the not too distant future.

Happy Birthdays: GI’s: Luker 19th March, Daniels 21st, Toms 22nd, Roberts G 23rd, Evers 3rd April, Smith M 4th, Harris 7th, Brayne 10th, Morgan 10th, Surman 17th, Hind 25th, Roberts FMTH 12th May, Miles 13th, Jennings 15th and Meechan 17th.

Presidents Charity: There will be an update regarding the Ladies Night Charity at the next Meeting. From this we may be able to help further with some of what is still in the pot. Mr Dobson also offered an alternative which will be looked into.

Association Website: After some deliberation it was decided to end our contract regarding, as Scouse was unable to make many amendments to it.  At the 250th Meeting GI Ray Lester approached the Committee and enquired as to whether we might like him to set up one?  He already administers several and has said that he would be delighted to do one for us.  Could I kindly request Members to have a perusal of the following link: (Thanks Ray).

Portsmouth Website: - don’t forget to keep tabs on the Portsmouth Website.  

Emails Rx’d from around the Globe:

GI Rennie:


Fellow Gunnery Rates,

Now I know I portray myself to be busy in this job but I have taken time off for a good cause.

Imagine my surprise when I recently discovered that the word strenuissima (striving) in the Gunners Motto does not exist. I have trawled through the internet and numerous Latin dictionaries and the word strenuissima is not listed anywhere. It has possibly been made up during an almighty piss up, like the phrase “Taurus escremetii in eternium” (bullshit forever). As proof of my findings I have attached all the Latin words under the letter “S” in the dictionary.

I believe a new motto needs to be found in order to save further embarrassment to the branch and I propose the new branch motto as follows:

“Semper Inflixi Hostium” (Always hit the enemy)

semper : always, ever.
infligo inflixi inflictum : to strike, hit, knock / cause damage.
hostes hostium : the enemy.

At least it can be verified and the words do exist.

      I welcome your comments and would be grateful if both GI associations could verify my findings.

Yours aye,

Raffle Prize donators: GI’s Smith (K), Evers x2, Patton, Boyle, Cook, Scarrott, Hind, Rodda and Nutt BEM.

Next Raffle: GI’s Manning (D), Bladen (D), Luker, Bennett, Archer, Walker, Curnow, Thurston

Raffle Winners: GI’s Scarrott, Nutt BEM, Curnow, Boyle, Paul (our kind Landlord), Tidball, Potts, Roberts, Luker & Rodda. This month’s raffle raised £115, many thanks to all for your generosity.


GI Bladen: Ralph quelled rumours of his demise by letting everybody know that he is not dying!!  However, he has had another set back with his cancer, another tumour on the base of his tongue.  He has had two biopsies and he is now awaiting the results. Please pass onto other GI’s because, as Ralph put it himself, “You fart on the Forecastle & by the time it gets to the Quarterdeck you’ve followed though”.

GI Curnow: Enquired about the latest health of GI Biff Elliott.  Steve has seen Dennis lately and he is looking better, he left a message on his answer machine today but as yet has had no reply.

GI Scarrott: Expressed his pleasure being at tonight’s meeting and being able to attend, wishing he could do more. Brought with him an old pace stick of which the President took custody of to pass onto the ceremonial staff at Raleigh.

Ben then enlightened us all with his story of how he came into possession of a canon, of which he has lovingly restored and made a carriage for it to sit proudly in his garden. What he would like to do now though is find out if it will actually fire!! So, Ben is on the scrounge for a quantity of gunpowder to test fire his canon, if there is anyone out there with access, or knowledge of access to said quantities of gunpowder, please get in touch and we can let Ben know.

GI Hind: After last year going through terrible health problems Jac is feeling a lot better and getting on with life. A question or two, “Who is the oldest member of the Association?” and “Whoever it is do they get any special privileges”

After going round the table we managed to make Dennis Elliott the oldest member & no, there are no privileges!

GI Walker: Next meeting 9th June I will have been an ex-serviceman for 48 hours having completed 34.5 years in her majesty’s finest. To that end at the next meeting I will put a tab behind the bar and the wets will be on me.

GI Sims: I was in the dockyard not so long back delivering goods to HMS Bulwark, I went up the gangway and told the armed gangway sentry, who was a marine, that I had some palettes of goods in the back of the lorry. He informed that unfortunately they didn’t have a forklift available to lift the palettes off. When I informed him that they could be just lifted off the back he said that he would give me a hand to lift them off. At this moment the other gangway sentry said “what about the security of the gangway?” To this question the marine said “If anyone comes up the gangway gobbing off, just slot em!!”

The Meeting closed at 2105

The 253rd Meeting will be held on Thursday 9th June 2011 at the St Levans Inn.

That’s All Folks. Subs are due in March 2011.  Please pay GI Cook ASAP. 

 Still only £10 per annum plus a £5 joining fee.  Full Members get a £5 discount for the Ladies Night Dinner and the Branch Dinner so why not pay up now and feel better for paying less at these prestigious Serials.

Any Dits, nostalgic pictures or queries contact me on

See you at the next Meeting.


Yours Aye

Sam & Steve

P.S.  Please advise of any spelling mistakes so that they can be corrected to maintain a professional set of Minutes. 


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Semper Strenuissima

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