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Members present were GI’s – Lewis, Morgan, Cook, Boyle, Roberts, Nutt, Thurston, Paton, Richardson, Evers, Prout, Luker, Curnow, Potts, Smith K, and Turner (16)

Apologies from GI’s – Pickup, Luther, Bennett, Roberts G, Nuttycombe, Westall, Archer, Dobson K, and Baker T.  

249th Meeting was held at the St Levan on Thursday 10th February 2011.

The President opened the Meeting at 2028 with our Loyal Toast to Gunners, Missilemen and POAWW’s everywhere. 

The President informed the Members present that GI Potts’ Mother had Passed Away and he offered Sincere Condolences to GI Potts on behalf of the Association.

Minute Proposals: The 248th Minutes were Proposed by GI Nutt BEM and Seconded by GI Evers.  

Treasurer’s Report: 

The cash statement was read out. 

All yearly subscriptions are now due for 2011.  If you wish to set up a Standing Order, email me and I will inform you of what the bank requires.

Secretary’s Report: It’s always good to welcome back GI Luker seeing as he is the only GI to ever spot the deliberate mistakes I make in the Minutes!!  Thanks Bill.

My failure to carry out SOC’s on the recorder prior to attending the Meeting meant the Minutes were not recorded this month.  Apologies go out to all those that feel short-changed with this month’s Minutes.

Social Secretary’s Report: Terry, as always, gave all present a comprehensive run down of our two forthcoming events.  His emails will be hitting the streets soon so please take time out to read them and get your names down for the Social Serials.

Vice President: Rattler informed us that there will be a photographer present at the Ladies Night this year and that the price will be £5 per photo.  This year there will also be a GI’s group photograph outside the Drill Shed prior to proceedings indoors.  All port fines have been accounted for from the Gents Night so thank you for those.  With regards to port fines at the Ladies Night, what we would rather have is anonymous emails to the Vice Prez with dits about fellow GI’s (make them as clean as you can!!)

Presidents Report: 

Welcome to: GI’s Prout, Turner, Richardson, Smith and Curnow.

Apologies Rx’d from: GI’s: Bladen, Pickup, McKie, Perry and Simms (both Dogs and the First)

Sick note: GI Perry’s new born Son is in hospital at this time.  We wish him a speedy recovery

Happy Birthdays: GI’s: Ronald 24th January, Davis C 29th , Perry 16th. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you all.

Presidents Charity: Ongoing – honest.

British Grand Prix 2011:  7th - 10th July Front of Paddock.  Anyone interested let me know ASAP.  12 hour shifts, get to see very little racing and camping accommodation only.  Plus side – you get to hear it, meet Drivers, Teams and Celebs if that’s what you like as well as getting paid.  This is the Holy Grail of Motor Sport

Portsmouth Website:  don’t forget to keep tabs on the Portsmouth Website. 

Emails Rx’d from around the Globe:

GI Baker T:

Thank you for an enjoyable set of minutes; I do have a couple of Pick-Ups which you might like:

The Alignment on the left hand side of the page is out.

Solution: Closer inspection of final document and its format is required rather than the Cut & Paste method which is evidently used.

On the “Welcome to” paragraph, it starts off with a quote mark but doesn’t finish with one.

Solution: Closer inspection of final document and its format is required rather than the Cut & Paste method which is evidently used.

Well, DCT has finally finished, thank fuck. OST is great; I recommend it to anyone who enjoys their hard work getting slagged off with a couple of “Ivory Tower” comments. Fuck the lot of them.

One part (sorry, the only part) of the month which was fun was when GI Evers came onboard for a couple of days, below is my report on his conduct:

GI Evers arrived onboard the Brownian Warship Sutherland in the cold and frosty Port of Yemen (which looked a fucking lot like Guzz) in low spirits, this may have been down to the fact it was:

Saturday morning.

He’s actually going to sea.

He’s coming to sea with me.

Preps were not evident in any shape or form as there were no MacDonald’s Breakfast for me and the boys, on questioning him ref this; he reported back that maybe Ships Staff should have provided Staff with Bacon Rolls on arriving. The morning didn’t go too well.

The last time Jan and I sailed on the Wind and Brine was over a decade ago, things have definitely changed since then on a number of things:

I had hair.

Jan was thin.

Jan was also cheerful

It was displeasing to see someone so downright grumpy. If anyone should be thredders it should be me but I maintained my morale in the face of OST Bullshit throughout, he was simply a guest onboard with full access to the Gym (not that he made much effort) and my Mess Number (not that he made any effort at all). The person I met 14 years ago was a damn funny chap with an easy nature but one you wouldn’t want to cross. As these personality traits have somehow managed to fade, I thought I’d have some fun with him on his departure by placing a pseudo used Johnny inside a DPM Tin with his name on it and placing that inside his Bag Rat.


It seems Fate had a game to play with me and it favours OST Gunners as my gift meant for GI Evers somehow made its way into the FOST Joss Mans Bag Rat and he went mental (get a life you fat cunt) so now I’d like to sign off as what I’ll be when the Joss Man gets hold of me!

Raffle Prize donators: GI’s Evers, Roberts (FMTH), Archer, Patten, Pickup, Richardson and Nutt BEM.  There were, however, some defaulters and you know who you are!!!

Next Raffle: GI’s Ever (x2), Archer, Pickup, Cook, Boyle, Smith, Morgan, Curnow, Turner and Prout.

Raffle Winners: GI’s Smith K, Lewis, Thurston and Roberts A. This month’s raffle raised £80 towards our 250th meeting.

(Prez: GI Baker appears to have too much time on his hands checking indents and speech marks on the Minutes.  Obviously OST isn’t quite as taxing as he makes it out to be to everyone!!!! 

Solution: Come on down and take over as Secretary or JOG ON!!!


GI Paton: Due to unforeseen circumstances Scouse doesn’t now have a lady to escort to the Ladies Night.  He firstly asked if it was acceptable to attend alone and then asked if anyone knew any lady that may want to attend with him??!!

GI Luker: Passed on Many Thanks from Mrs Luker to the Members for our messages of Best Wishes over the passed months.  Her fall down the stairs caused her to sustain a broken left collarbone and shoulder, ouch! (Apparently the nurse did ask Mrs Luker where Mr Luker was at the time of the fall??).  The Hospital did encounter problems resetting the broken bones and because of this Mrs Luker may need a shoulder replacement. Ouch again!  On the plus side Mrs Luker now has enough movement in the shoulder area and is regaining her independence around the house.

The Meeting closed at 2056

The 250th Meeting will be held on Friday 11th March 2011 at the Stonehouse Creek 

That’s All Folks. Subs are due in March 2011.  Please pay GI Cook ASAP. 

Still only £10 per annum plus a £5 joining fee.  Full Members get a £5 discount for the Ladies Night Dinner and the Branch Dinner so why not pay up now and feel better for paying less at these prestigious Serials.

any Dits, nostalgic pictures or queries contact me on: or 01752813712/07411434224  

See you at the next Meeting.  


Yours Aye

Sam & Steve

P.S.  Please advise of any spelling mistakes so that they can be corrected to maintain a professional set of Minutes. 


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Semper Strenuissima

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