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Terry 'Scouse' Boyle

  HMS RALEIGH March  1963 Ord Seamam
  HMS CAMBRIDGE July     1963 Ord Seamam
  HMS BULWARK Sept    1963 Ord Seamam
  HMS CAMBRIDGE Oct     1965 Able Seaman
  HMS BRINTON Jan      1965 Able Seaman
  HMS CLARBESTON Aug     1966 Able Seaman
  HMS CAMBRIDGE Jan      1967 Able Seaman
  HMS DECOY Aug     1967 Able Seaman
  HMS DECOY Oct      1967 Leading Seaman
  HMS EXCELLENT May     1970 Leading Seaman
  HMS CAMBRIDGE Oct      1970 Leading Seaman
  HMS WHITBY Oct      1971 Leading Seaman
  HMS EXCELLENT July     1973 LS FC1 Course
  HMS EXCELLENT Dec     1973 LS GI's  Course
  HMS CAMBRIDGE Feb     1975 PO (GI)
  HMS BERWICK Aug     1975 PO (GI)
  HMS CAMBRIDGE Sept    1977 CPO (GI)
  HMS RALEIGH Feb     1978 CPO (GI)
  HMS ARROW Aug     1980 CPO (GI)
  HMS CAMBRIDGE Nov     1982 CPO (GI)
  HMS DRAKE Feb     1985 Release
  HMS DRAKE Feb     1987 Re-entry
  HMS BRAZEN Dec     1987 CPO (GI)
  RNEC MANADON April    1992 CPO (GI)
  HMS CAMBRIDGE Oct     1995 CPO (GI)
  HMS DRAKE Jan     1997 Release


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Semper Strenuissima
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