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Mac MacCallum

Joined in March 1972
First ship Glamorgan  JS 2nd Class
HMS Neptune 1973 (AB)
HMS Caroline (NI) 1973 (AB)
FC2s' Course/Nov Ceremonies/Princess Anne's wedding
HMS Zulu 1975 - 77 LS FC2 (but lost me hook and Badge for being a bad boy!)
HMS Forth
Devonport Field Gun - No 14 B Crew (got me hook back..bless em)
HMS Avenger (as LS(M)
Devonport Field Gun Crew No 14 A Crew
HMS Antelope - got me PO's rate
PO's Course (Herbert Lott Award - pissed off Mickey Neave and Paul Mounser!!)
Falkland Islands driving an MFV
Devonport Field Gun Crew A Crew 14
HMS Aurora as PO(M)  then got me buttons on her.
HMS Avenger (again but as CPO(OPS)(M) this time)
HMS Tamar - as Base GI, Range Sup and Sea Cadet Trainer and Social Rep for visiting ships!!
HMS Cambridge - NMTS (loved it...NOT!)
HMS Drake for release.
Semper Strenuissima
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