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In Memory



GI Paul Edis
  03 February 1960 – 17 May 2015  

Where do you start when it comes down to describing Paul? For a start, he was the last Chops M of the first part of my career. I joined CORNWALL out in Singers all ready for the best bits of NTG 2000 only to be told I’d be going on draft to PO(M)s course as soon as we got back to Guz. Paul was the Chops, Steve was the PO(M) and what a pair they made. They were magnetism in human form, i.e. one was North& the other was South, completely opposite ends of the spectrum. To say they didn’t get on was an understatement, but that’s their story, not mine.

Paul was a vibrant Chief, he loved success and didn’t care how the job was done so long as it was done well and looked good; he had an eye for the panache. He did things his way and sometimes when the rule book got in the way then the rule book got ignored. It was his way or no way, simple as that.

On the social side I enjoyed many runs ashore with Paul throughout that trip, if the rule book said “keep a certain distance from your Killicks” then that piece of etiquette was dealt a swift ignoring as far as he was concerned. The combination of Tommy Cooper, Jan Cocking, myself and Paul was a dead cert for a quality run. So many fond memories…….

Professionally, Paul had my back, worked me hard, defended my judgement during the odd altercation, and to an extent – confided in me (I was just a Killick with attitude at the time). I remember once, we shared a Bollard and he seemed a bit distant, I asked him what the matter was and he opened his mouth and spoke. He spoke and spoke and spoke, it was about the domino effect that happens when you’re the Depco and just when you think you have a bullet-proof plan, something outside your control happens and it all falls down before your eyes. It’s the same lament every Depco has but it was the fact he chose a “damn JR” to pour his soul out to, it meant a lot. The amount of times I thought about that chat on that Bollard on that fantastic 22 in later years when I was the Depco on my own ship….

Paul Edis was a great Chops M, a great boss but above all, a great friend. His loss is too early and an absolute heart-breaking thing to witness. There are no positives about losing him but I’m glad he and hisPO(M) forgot about the bullshit and were tighter than tight at the end.

I’ll never forget him. Selfishly, I’ll remember the fun we had. There’s a pub somewhere in Hawaii still waiting for us to clear our Champagne bill.

Rest easy Paul.

Ty Baker


Many a good call round was had with Paul, either him hitting me or vice versa.  Now he has had the final call round.  See you on the other side Paul. 

Wiggy Bennett


Our paths crossed on many occasions, Cambridge, Type 22's and Dryad to name some. A very straightforward guy but loyal to a T, great role model to those who looked up to him. That was one heck of a fight against all the odds. Rest easy now shipmate.

Jimmy Green


I have many fond memories of this great man and every memory brings a smile to my face. He was a big gentle soul with a massive heart and if he loved you then he let you know about it. Kind, considerate, selfless and caring. He left a lasting impression and many a good dit was created in the process. I went on my Close Range GI's course (the old OM109) without a car and left £6000 worse off sporting a Cavalier SRi. Paul could sell sand to the Arabs, even to me; my boot was toppers with it! You have made my time on this Earth richer with your presence and for that I thank you. You even took time during your last months to make a video to help my wife out of her stressful state. That was the measure of you Paul. A fine upstanding human being who will be sorely missed by all who knew him. God bless, now rest......in peace x

Jock Rennie


No more pain now Paul mate rest in peace. It has been said what a decent bloke you were, always had time for people. Thanks for arranging my send off from Cambridge when I left the Navy as the last GI from there. What a good PR bloke you were. I am sure we will all meet again one day at the Whale Island in the sky. Bye friend.

Terry Boyle


CHOPS ( M ) Fall Out. First worked with Paul when he was Chops(M) on HMS Brave and I was part of FCRWT. This was out in the Windies worked hard played harder. We also Served at HMS Cambridge. A Legend and a Gent. R. I. P Paul .

Dan Beer

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Semper Strenuissima

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